How would you break this shitty situation down?

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    A friend of mine just turned 18 today (May 27), two days ago when he was age 17, eight marijuana plants that he had been growing were stolen from his property. my friend finds out who stole them, somehow lures him to his house and then holds him captive, interogates and threatens the weed jacker. mr. weed jacker goes to school the next day, and considering everyone knows about what he did so now he is very afraid of potential street justice, he brings a knife to school, hidden of course. well someone sees it and he gets called into the office and he tells the school police officer all about my friend who has been growing weed, and that it had recently been stolen by someone. police officer goes to my friends house on a private road and walks into the backyard without a search warrant. police officer interogates my friend who happens to be extremely honest so he tells him everything. afterwards the police officer takes photos of the shed that once held his plants and told him his miranda rights, and then the police officer leaves and says "if i wanted to punish you i would have already done it.".

    please any insights on what may/may not happen and if the cops had probable cause to go onto his property to investigate... im heated that hes in this situation :mad:
  2. police can get probable cause outa any situation nowadays. if you live in an area where privacy isnt something people really care about you tend to get laws that coincide with that. if he gets rid of whatever evidence there was in there it shouldnt matter. As the officer said if he wanted to punish him he would have done it. in my opinion the street backlash is gonna be massive. 17 plants? theres gonna be some unhappy stoners looking for revenge:mad:
    sorry if i didnt help much, i tend to rant sometimes and never make any sense with said rants :smoking:
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    oops i meant 8 plants, when he was 17 years old.

    but ya thanks for the input, mr weed jacker isnt getting away with this.
  4. Shitty situation bro, I don't think the cop has really anything to go by other than mr weed jackers word, I think that's why he couldn't do anything. Like Elwooded said your friend should scrap the evidence and hopefully everything will be cool.
  5. I would think that, if you have all your facts straight, the officer is questioning mr weedtaker on the location of said plants. The law may deal with the thief. :D:smoking:

    To be safe though, I would have my friend clean up all signs of the grow ops.:devious:
  6. Cops go off info like this all day. They set up hotlines for snitches, then they take their word for fact and go into people's backyards like yours. They search and try to destroy lives off of heresay and things like this piss me off. I definitely wouldn't have cooperated with law enforcement if they came asking questions and I had nothing there. That kid should be fearful of retaliation because in some places that fool would be dead already.
  7. No doubt the jacker deserves some retaliation but you should really watch what you do. If this kid gets fucked up or something its only going to validate his claims about your buddy. Also, if hes bringing a knife to school he obviously knows whats what and someone could end up dead. Its easy for me to say this because i didnt have plants stolen but you gotta look at the big picture. Good luck
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    There are so many felonies here it is hard to count. This is a very serious situation and it could turn very bad very quickly. In a case like this, the DA will typically file felony charges and a declaration of probable cause the the judge will immediately issue a warrant. Bail in a case like this could be hundreds of thousands of dollars and it would quickly be a high priority warrant they would want served. Your friend would do well to seek immediate legal advise.

    I'm not just talking about cultivation, I'm talking kidnapping, conspiracy, false imprisonment, terroristic threatening type stuff - very serious violent prison landing offenses.

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