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How would you approach a coworker for a sesh?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JEI3US, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Where I work all the girls are real uptight I feel if I ask them if they smoke they're gonna report my ass to HR lol and the dudes dont seem to have any interest in smoking. Theres this one chick that's cute but she dresses like she has a low self esteem wears dress pants and dress shoes with a polo shirt (everyone else goes business casual) but she looks like she tokes. What ice breaker would you use to ask someone if they smoke and then invite for a sesh?

  2. Wait she is dressed fancier than everyone else but you think she dresses like she has low self esteem?
  3. At my work to see if people were cool about seshing, I would discuss marijuana politics/legalization stuff and see what their reactions were. But everyone would sesh at my work. We even did pipe hits in the fridge or the staff bathroom lol!
  4. you smoke high powered cigarettes man?
  5. Reversed, she dresses like she doesnt give a fuck.

  6. Business casual would be a long-sleeve button-down/Oxford shirt with pressed khakis or black slacks. :cool:
  7. [quote name='"trazyfilth"']you smoke high powered cigarettes man?[/quote]

  8. Oh......that took me a while to figure out :smoke:.

    A favorite of mine is simply, "you smoke?" If the reply is a "yes" or "no," they probably assume you mean cigarettes. If they say "cigs?" then you might have a new buddy :D
  9. Ask if she knows a girl named Mary Jane, tell her Mary is your best friend XD
  10. Why do people think so much. You do this "Do you toke?" If she reports you to HR just deny it....

    Co-workers started me on pot, I gave of the stoner vibe before I actually smoked I was mopping outside one day and they were on break smoking a joint they held it up and said "want a toke" I had one then after work they invited me to there place and we smoked up. My first job has some good memories hehe
  11. hahaha so thats why my neighbor asked me in that way.. wow im dumb sometimes with people lol
  12. mine was directed at pc jabber sorry messed that up lol
  13. look its the famous groovy triple post !
  14. Im gonna walk up that girl tomorrow and be like "Hey, you smoke high powered cigs???" lol shes prolly gonna say "Whats that??"

  15. Heh, it's alright...we all have our moments :smoke:
  16. Or walk up and say "Do you smoke weed?" Why is everyone always so paranoid you think the FBI is listening to your work conversations?
  17. "smoke one"
    christ i should write a book
  18. Its not about paranoia its just about not being so upfront about asking if someone smokes weed. Yeah it sounds easy to just ask "hey you smoke bud?" but when you dont know the person at all and it rubs them the wrong way its just not good. If I know someone by just talking yeah ill ask like that but like I said theres some people I havent even met that Ii plan to ask if they smoke.
  19. #19 Apu, Nov 17, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 17, 2011
    If I asked someone "Do you smoke bud" and they got rubbed the wrong way(I assume you mean mad at you) Why do you care? Why would you want to be friends with that sort of person? It's like you guys are ashamed of smoking marijuana. There is nothing anyone can do if you just say I smoke pot, Hell at least in Australia I can even say it to a cops face and as long as I do not break a law he can't do shit I can tell him I am as high as a kite.

    It is as easy as it sounds it really really is lol
  20. well obviously if they say no and it upsets them I wont be friends but I think its something that can be avoided by approaching the situation in a more delicate fashion.

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