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How Would You Address This Issue

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sir fapsalot, May 22, 2013.

  1. Ok we'll me and a couple of my friends made brownies the other night with about a half o I had bought and they not only tasted delicious but we got extremely high any who I'm chill af with the people and pretty much we feel like family we share whatever between us so I left them at there house if they wanted any for later ( to lazy to carry the pan ) so we were cool and then I found out one of my friends just picked them all out of the pan (like 6 ) and walked out the door and took me to some random friends didn't even ask or tell what she was doing I don't mind sharing but I mean at least ask what would you blades do ?
  2. introduce him to a liverpool kiss
  3. Find new friends.
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    She took YOU to some random friends house or the brownies?
    Sounds like another case of entitlement, "Oh, these are free? Well theres a room full of dudes so ill just take the rest" 
    You should probably inform her theres a difference between chilling and being a cunt. 
  5. Ask for 60 bucks from that person. 10 bucks a piece for the brownies, they were only free for the people there at your get together.
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  6. She took the brownies /: then she said well I thought they were ours I told her yes for us not everybody else I had to put it in these terms " you pretty much smoked out your friends with my weed" then she got pissed she's also that type that gets pissed when you smoke with her and she uses some of her bud but wants you to always supply
  7. sounds like she's taking advantage of you man; put that bitch in her place! that shit wouldn't fly anywhere, she does that to the wrong person might end up, well, not in the best state of mind haha; tell her she's lucky you're such a nice guy but she needs to pay you back before this becomes a bigger problem
  8. You said you were to lazy to take them your self. Looks like your friend wasn't. You left them
    There and said have some. Never said how many and who can have them. This is looking like your bad op
    whoah this changes everything! I was having trouble following op so I must've missed that. 
    My motto is to leave your things unattended around anybody you don't trust completely, like 110%; that should be very few people haha. If you trusted these people I'm sorry they mislead you, but you should probably hold off putting any sort of faith in their conception of morality for quite a while. I'm sure somebody else there (you did say there were a bunch of people right? im high) saw this girl take all the brownies; why didn't they say something? shady all over the place
    I think the idea is he did trust those people.
    I think it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different when they take them to share with other people. He left them there because he wanted his friends to enjoy them, I bet if he had known someone would just take all of them to not share with any of his people he probably would've taken them with him.
    I'd be pissed off if I were him.
  11.  im a person who will smoke out people i never met before because well i want everyone to be as high as me but what she did is wrong and i would stop hanging out with her until she understands that
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  12. I was to lazy to take the whole pan with me I made the brownies though I didn't mind then having some that's why I left them there but she should have asked if she could have taken them to her friends house instead of just taking /:
  13. To clear it all up there was only me and 2 other people my best friend who is like my sister and then her sister which I'm good friends with too. It was my best friends sister who took them to her friends house and ate them with her friend they were meant for me my best friend and her sister not everyone I wouldn't have minded sharing cause I'm nice and enjoy people who enjoy life but I hold respect dearly and it would have been respectful to at least inform me or ask about taking them to her friends (btw we had 12 brownies and she took 6 to her friends )
  14. yeah thats completely ridiculous; she definitely owes you some sort of compensation.
    you just don't do that, extremely disrespectful of her to consider taking more than her fair share without asking, especially when you had already gave her some for free. Honestly even if she did ask that is pretty shameless haha. You should certainly confront her about it and demand reciprocation; shit even an apology would be something, doesn't sound like you've even got that
    I used to know this bitch that thought she was entitled to all my shit. I had no problem sharing with her because we were best friends but she always was inviting people to smoke my shit or eat my edibles. This bitch is not worth being friends with dude. 
  16. he stole from you. how do you address thievery? with justice ;) 
  17. make her pay you back and then never talk to that hoe again.
  18. Bite her cunt off and use it as a flesh lite.
  19. Fuck bitches, Get money :D
    but in all seriousness you need to talk with this chick and be like, that wasnt cool, you are going to make us brownies and pay me the 6 back, next time you want something ASK, don't just take.
  20. thats = to you letting a friend over to smoke at your house, then you leave and he throws a party at your house... nigga the house was for us! not THEM

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