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How would this vaporizer cartridge or oil make me feel?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Justin Jason, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. I live in new york city. Its a great city, but sadly marijuana buds or flower are still not legally allowed to be sold here for medicinal or recreational use. Because of that, i havent been able to get a hold of any marijuana buds or flower to use for recreational or medicinal use. I have been having a hard time being able to find alternatives that i can use or may be able to use to satisfy my usage desires in the same way as marijuana buds or flowers if i could use them.

    Ive heard that vaporizer cartridges with oil in them can be used as marijuana buds or flowers would be used for recreational or medicinal use, as they are concentrates of marijuana buds or flowers. In new york state medical marijuana users can use vaporizer cartridges available for use at dispenseries, however the ones ive found and have been interested in using are slightly different looking in branding than ones ive found online for recreational and medicinal use. The ones ive found at my new york state dispenseries have been labeled with thc and cbd content ratios and percentages, but have not been labelled with the marijuana buds or flowers theyve been extracted from.

    Ones for medicinal and recreational use that ive found online will be labelled with "'granddaddy purple' vaporizer cartridge oil" and say that its oil is extracted from "grand daddy purple" marijuana buds or flowers and provided to you in oil as as a concentrate.

    Itll be labelled as an indica or something, and label its thc and cbd content and ratios. The ones i found wouldnt be labelled that way and will seem to have a name or brand theyve made up, and not explain where the concentrate was extracted from in terms or marijuana buds or flowers.

    This is the marijuana cartridge from my new york state dispensery that ive observed being labelled that way:

    Etain Health | Medical Marijuana| Dolce | Mezzo |Balance | Forte

    If you scroll down it should say "Forte" and give a description. "Forte" is the name of the cartridge.

    Here is another example:

    This is an example of a vaporizer cartridge thats labelled more commonly to me:

    How would the new york dispensery cartridge make me feel if i used it? Ive been considering using it and getting it instead of waiting for marijuana buds and flower to become legal here, but only want to get it if itd be satisfying for my medicinal and recreational use desires.

    I think im looking for something that will give me a high euphoric and elevated effect, but names of strains or cartridges labelled with strains of marijuana buds or flowers ive been recommended to use cant be found at the dispenseries in new york state.
  2. I thought it was decriminalized? There’s weed all over the city.
  3. In new york it has been decrimilized in many different ways i think, but it is not legal to sell it in the state i think and cannot be purchased for recreational or medicinal reasons openly like any other legal sale. I dont want to purchase marijuana buds or flowers illegally or anything, so i dont know if its available in the state or not that way and dont try to find out.

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