How would this homemade bong work? Would it?

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  1. So I decided to make a homemade bong with my spoon. I am cutting a hole in a 2 liter and putting my spoon in there. Here is a pic:


    No, I am not using a bottle with the bottom cut off, I cut the hole in a a gravity bong bottle to see if it would work so I didn't have to waste another 2 liter.

    So, when I make the actual bong, there will be a bottom.

    Would that work though? Fill it with water and smoke it? Let me know!
  2. Well first off, it is not a snug/perfect fit, so you would get minimal diffusion, and very shitty pull, because you aren't going to suck hard enough to keep the bowl cherried. Second, i wouldn't fuck around with plastic, a flame, and your lungs, because you're going to fuck you lungs up with poison.

    In my opinion, you should buy yourself a waterpipe with a case, and not look back. Because that is just the way to go.

    Plastic fumes are detrimental to your health..

  3. I have a glass bong on the way to my house, I just like making homade pieces, very fun. Would that actually filter the smoke? and would I have to pull while lighting it or would it be like a gravity bong where it fills up and than you screw off the cap.
  4. Pretty shitty unless you find a way to plug up the holes around where the spoon enters the water.
  5. I'm guessing the Grav was the only type of bong you've ever hit??

    Well yeah, this will work. You just need to make sure that where the pipe goes into the bottle is as airtight as possible. Then just inhale and use the carb on the spoon to clear the bong.
  6. I made my own bong out of glass, check it

    Really easy took me like 10 mins of my time

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