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How would the world be...

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Mairuzu, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. If out of no where, everyone was able to read each others minds?
  2. We'd all be schizophrenic and none of us would be allowed to smoke weed.
  3. Society would fall apart because the only way people are able to speak their minds is to not say anything at all, and taking away that privacy would make everyone a target to insult
  4. Everyone would realize love is the foundation of everything and the world would be beautiful.
  5. if all of a sudden it happened, people would be paranoid.

    if we were always able to read each others mind it would be different though since it wouldnt be such a sudden change
  6. It would be horrendous.

    Females everywhere would refuse to reproduce if they knew what every man thought that passed by them.
  7. Too true. I'll often find myself thinking "its a good thing girls can't hear what goes on in my head, because none of them would ever speak to me again"
  8. I definitely would never be able to fuck a chick for the rest of my life o.o

  9. lies, they love the attention.
  10. G-Man, your signature picture is spectacular
  11. it would result in major conflict since everyone is so judgemental. the only way society is barely tolerable is because people don't say what they are thinking.. because most of the time what they're thinking is not what is cohesive, rather blatant and true!
  12. At first, i too thought it would be horrible if everyone could read anyone's mind...

    But maybe if this were the case, maybe we as humans would change entirely. Being selfish and scheming to get what you desire will not be the way anymore, but instead we would have to fulfill our desires by other means.

    There would be no need for the internet or newspapers or anything, since we could all just tap into whomever's mind we wish to see what they are thinking rather than reading about it in a blog, forum, article, whatever.
  13. What if along with reading the minds, we got the emotion behind the thought too? That way, we would develop a deeper understanding of one another. From there on, we would eventually lose our sense of "self" since our experiences would no longer be ours alone.

    In the end, we'll all fuse into a greater collective consciousness. And at that point, the monolith will appear and creepy music will start to play.

    I actually believe this somewhat lol
  14. If you're in a big bus and someone is about to blow it up, everyone would stomp on his ass.
  15. We pretty much already do read each others minds on a daily basis. Language is all about reading minds if you stop and think about it. I think your talking about reading each others thoughts.
  16. humanity as it is right now would be placed in a disastrous situation however that's just because we are fucked up naturally as we are right now as a society

    we would self-destruct
  17. Huge fucking orgy.
  18. The liars would be the first to go.

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