how would i make A light fixture ?

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  1. umm yea well im building a cabenit right now for a little set up.... basicly i would like to know how i would go about getting lights inside the box.... im gonna go pick up some cfls when i get this thing finished and how should i mount them ...... could i get them all on 1 wire ? and the timer/fan on that wire? or is that to much......i just dont want to have like 6 plugs comming out of my cabinet.. for 2 reasons 1 is a dont have that many outlets 2 is it might look kind of stupid if anyone has any experience or ideas for this plz chime in
  2. multioutlet strip, or wire the lights / sockets yourself. google for a how to DIY
  3. yea..... thats the first thing i tryed.... im not really sure what u would call something like this... and all the fixture's i found wernt anything close to it ....... thats why im looking for someone whos done this be4.. i'd rather not burn down the house or do some half-assed job with 100 wire's sticking out.. thnx for the imput i guess?
  4. It is called exactly what jremyperry said, a multi outlet strip. Some people call it a power strip. They are available at walmart, home depot, etc. Multioutlet strips aren't brain science. I bet 90% of the people here have used them, even you with your computer. See the thing with all of the switches on it that your computer is plugged into? That is a multioutlet strip and they do work. You can easily plug in some CFLs, fan, etc. into it without overloading it. Just use your head. I wouldn't try plugging a refrigerator into the same strip or a space heater but a few CFLs, a fan and things used in a growroom would be alright. Don't try plugging 6 HPS lights in.

    The strip will have a wattage rating on it, something like 500 watts. Add up the wattages of everything plugged into it and be sure it doesn't add up to more than the rating for the strip. Example, 4 CFLs @23 Watts each would be 92 watts. Add a fan that uses about 20 watts and you are now up to 112 Watts. Just be sure they don't add up to more than the rating on the power strip.
  5. you can get a three light bathroom fixture for around $10. just 2 wires coming out that you can hook up to a drop cord with the female end cut off and the wires skinned back.


    Here is a link to basic wiring.
  6. go to home depot and pick up an extension chord, 3 Y sockets, and an outlet to socket converter....

    attach the converter to the extension chord.... (this will make a place for you to screw in ur bulb at the end of ur extension chord)- but in ur case, ull just attach a Y socket, with the other two already attached to that....

    this way, one chord 4 lights....
    | <--- chord
    [ ] <--- plug with converter attached
    || <--- Y socket
    / \
    | | <--- other y socket
    /\ /\
    0 00 0 <--- lights (square formation)

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