How would I go about growing as a profession?

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  1. First off let me say I live in Illinois, I know that there are laws prohibiting this but I’m feeling that in this election about to take place marijuana will be legalized because both candidates are being pretty much forced to legalize it in order to get elected as Governor. I predict it will be legalized by Christmas 2019. Marijuanas changed my life for the better (of course) making me want to help others, help myself and work with something I love. I understand it’s not all butterflies and rainbows and that there may be some schooling needed, but that’s why I’m here. What would I need to do to be able to grow as a profession if I’m right and it is legal by Christmas 2019?
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  2. I’m from OK in the same position as you. Ik in our state to become a commercial grower I would have to get a license for 2000 bucks but other than that, especially because we haven’t officially voted on it yet, sounds simple but nothing is certain. Have you ever grown anything before?

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  3. I’ve grown before and was successful it was amazing it wasn’t easy by any means but I never found myself bored while doing any of it. I think it’s the same here, but I’ve also heard $10,000. Have you had any luck growing?
  4. Im interested in doing the same here in OK. How far along are you on your endeavour?
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  5. I’m wanting to do that here in Cali, in the county I’m in it’s 5k for application, inspection and liscencing fees. U have to have actual business plans, proof of funds to run said operation, pest and waste management plans and a few other things
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  6. At the end of the day growing is agricultural. Learn to properly grow before you take step towards it as a profession, along with proper licensing and following your laws. Do everything the right way, and you'll find yourself closer to becoming a pro.
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  7. your to late the boom is over
  8. My friend, it has just started. Look how many states are still illegal.
  9. I would say snatch a license if you are serious, if it is anything like Washington, those are like gold now that they are all spoken for. If you change your mind you can always sell it for a profit if it is transferable. Here the dispenserys make much more off a crop than growers, but there are a lot fewer licenses available. The state actually makes more in tax revenue off a crop after it goes thru processing and dispensery sales than the grower does. A grower here gets somewhere between 400 to 600 a pound for flower depending on the quality.
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  10. Shit, that’s not even worth it. Prices are still $10 a gram here or about $3000-$3500 a lb, Black Market
  11. Too many hands in the pot
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  12. I’d wait till your state has it figured out. I know growers here in Oregon and Washington that have given it up due to taxes and regulations. They all say there’s no $ in it anymore.
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  13. They are talking about a reduction of canopy sq footage here and making the licenses non transferable, so if your growing operation fails, the state gets the license back. The grower I trim for farms 3/4 of an acre outdoor, roughly 800 plants all organic and yeilds about 1000 lbs of dry flower. That is about 500k, IF he can sell it all, then a quarter of that goes to tax. The initial investment is also not cheap, surveillance, security fencing, a crap load of documentation and tracking. There is a lot of risk and not much reward, if some natural disaster ruins his whole crop he won't be getting bailed out by the government. Then you have to worry about the feds getting a wild hair and shutting down the whole system. They outlawed outdoor growing in my county except for existing legal commercial grows. It should help cut down on black market stuff and help legal farmers. One issue here has been, cartels rent a property, take advantage of the medical co-op laws, and have large scale black market grows. I keep pollen in my freezer for those bastards. Lol
  14. I love it. I keep pollen in my freezer for those bastards!!! Lol
  15. I keep pollen in my freezer, but have never used it maliciously.
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  16. But you’re vindictive like me. I love it!!
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  17. Hire a lawyer and have a GOOD game plan. You won't be growing recreational cannabis out of your house or in your back yard. They'll want farm zoned or commerically zoned property that fits very very strict guidelines.

    If they don't put a cap on licenses like they didn't in Oregon you will be competing with thousands of other growers which will crash the market. Like others have said you will be selling for maybe 600 a pound on the high end if you have little to no exp expect that to be more like 300. You will want enough capital to weather at least 3-4 years of operating in the red.

    Here in Oregon employees of dispensaries have been denied car loans because of where their income comes from and owners of dispensaries and grows have been denied mortages so it is best to outright own where you will be growing. If you rent you have to be careful as well since your landlord can use the federal law to screw with you and may not even have a choice if he has a mortage on the home you are renting since it will most likely be federally back loan. If you are trully serious about growing recreationally the best thing is to just hire a lawyer that deals with legal marijuana everyday.
  18. The area of Oregon I live in last year we had around 42 dispensaries at this time last year. right now we have 22. and I think 5 or 6 companies own and run all 22. Honestly since it went legal the market for home growing has exploded. With the advancements in smell reduction and LED lighting anyone can affordably grow a kick ass home crop.
  19. I’m n Oregon too

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