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how would i get my system clean in 2 weeks?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MysticPiff, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. ok so my p.o says he's gonna piss test me in like 2 weeks....what can i drink or do to lower my thc level...last time i smoked was a couple days ago
  2. Exercise, run (not sprinting, crosscountry/long distances), drink lots of water and green tea and take niacin.

    Also, if its a mouth swab test, then use a lot of Listerine. That should cover it all.;)
  3. If it's a mouth swab test it will be long clean by then. Mouth swab tests only work 3 days max prior
  4. in any case, if you smoke every day, drink lots of water and take high doses of niacin. If you don't smoke every day, just piss a lot and you'll be fine in 2 weeks
  5. Well, you can never be too safe

    EDIT: Nice double ninja
  6. Yeah but if anything you'll make the officer suspicious that you reek of listerine. I garuntee 100% that after 3, or 4 days for good measure, your saliva will be zip for drugs. \
  7. Take niacin when you wake up and eat and before you go to bed then stop taking it 3 days before your test, exercise, drink plenty of fluids and im sure youll be fine. 2 weeks is plenty of time if you dont smoke and follow those measures.

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