How would I dry my bud? I Cant dry inside because of smell.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by The Green Toker, Jun 5, 2009.

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  2. The shed will be fine, just make sure there is circlating air and a good roof above it
  3. What if it like storms, wont the moister in the air make them wet again?
  4. the shed will allow for the wind to naturally dry it. In storms the bud will get moist, buyt as long as water doesnt get on it mold wont develop. Just hang the buds high in the shed and try to put them in a spot with the least amount of direct light. Maybe making a box or something to cover them with so as light doesnt get in is the way to go.
  5. Ha, thanks, you just made my day :) Because I have an old dog house that I made when I was younger, and Im gonna put that in the shed and dry it. But the bad part is that I will have to wait until next year to start a grow :( because I used to live there basically my whole life, but recently moved and I know the best spot to grow. I'm gonna grow in mass hopefully.
  6. That shed is vast. I dry mine in a 8 X 8. Just prop the door open to allow circulation.
  7. Yes it is very vast, I built it. But it has no door, not even a front wallIm not done with the front, I'm planning on making this the perfect smoke shed, lol. Sorry, but I'm fucked up right now off 4 bowls between 3 friends, and 3 shots of sizzup. :smoke: :gc_rocks:While high.

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