How would I Do this? Help?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Metridixal, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Well I found out my sisters bf's friend is growing 20 plants on my property. I figure since it's my property it's fair game. I'm only planning on taking one bud site do you think he'll notice? This guy is nuts and has a mac 10 and a berreta so I'm afraid he will know.

    Is there any way for me to take one branch without him knowing?

    How would I go about this?
  2. Lol, what is he going to shot you/go to jail over a few buds? I'd say just talk to him and ask for a little end product since it's your property.

  3. Well I Don't even know the guy really so I don't think he'd give me any since he's a gangster type person in it for $$$.

    If I cut off a lower branch would he know?

    I mean my sister said don't touch them or he'll know, fuck that, it's on my property and it's free weed.

    Considering he isn't giving them any for free I don't think he'd give me any. I might visit tomorrow asess the situation and snap a few pics for this thread.
  4. just take it ,rip the branch like it fell off ,he'll never notice and what if he does
  5. They wont ever trust me again. They didn't want to tell me where they were but I forced it out of them. Oh well, I'm going to try and find him I just hope to hell he doesn't come to harvest when I'm there. I'm gonna be mad paranoid when I'm cutting the bud.

    Would he even notice a lower branch missing?
  6. I say if he was a nice guy and not threatening as it seems, to just let him keep his bud and maybe ask. But since he is a prick I think karma should come back to bite him in the ass, steal it all man. Move them or get to them before he does for harvest. He can't call the cops, he was commiting a felony.
  7. yeah no doubt. if he is some gangster retard then alot of people dont like him so if you took all his plants i really doubt he would even think of you.

    probly one of the other 100 people that doesnt like him.

    I would take it ALL pieces of shit like that deserve NOTHING.

    If he carries a gun he is a piece of dirt the weed should be growing out of him.

  8. its your property, fuck him. hes not the one thats gettin nailed if they are found, you or your parents are.

    He should split them with you just because

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