how would a 11 inch beaker with perk hit??? i dont have a cent more [pics]

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    how would this bong hit ??? or atleast what can i expect from it??? it is 30 cm or 11 inches. it has a 4 arm perc. its the best i could find here in brasil,order already made.. [​IMG] anyone who had a bong like this???

    also i wanna leave a image of my last bong, that recently shattered completely. shiiiit :frown::frown::frown::frown::frown::frown: [​IMG]

    this was edit i was too high when i wrote it. it was hard to understand
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  2. [​IMG]

    Just ordered this one I'll let you know when I get it should be here any day now seems really similar to yours

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  3. it does, but im afraid my bong arrives monday, its already at the post office in my side of town,arrived just before it closed . so excited dude holee sheet
    when does yours arrive
  4. For the last 3 days it's said origin post is preparing shipment sooo hopefully I'll get an update soon

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  5. You may be the highest bidder, but you could probably be a little higher :bongin:
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  6. guys it just arrived. fucking siiiiick. its only 30 cm tall but the perc slows the smoke down a lot and lets it stack up before getting to your mouth, so its like i was hitting out of a taller bong. if anyone wants to know about the particular quality of the bong i got and the exact model. : only the upper ring is thick glass, the rest is thin. i dont care because you cant drop glass anyway so whatever. the perc is nice and i love beakers. the fit on the 18.8 joint is kinda poor but the bowl joint, the 14.5 is nice. the bowl is great and i love it. overal i love the bong.
  7. Just got it in too haha just inboxed every thing looks good no cracks about to load her up and see how it hits

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  8. how did it go dude lol.?? im high as f from that bong. i can smoke so much in one hit in it
  9. It's one of the best bongs I've ever used it's smooth the ice catcher really helps too

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