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  1. Im new to growing and when i get a bit older im going to move into an apartment and start growing.
    Maybe in a closet space and im wondering how i will connect all these big lights and stuff to get it in the closet because im the simple kinda guy that like to use the shit you plug into an outlet.
    What lights have been tested and been good for vegatative and budding?
    Im afraid growing this mistical plant is going to be a lot of hard work because i just watched all these videos
    Growing Marijuana Video - Ready Set Grow from High Times
    and i feel like im going to end up spending like $1000 just on the basics like lights, fans, virtual thermostats, ph measurer, fertilizers, buckets, grow mix, seeds, and other tools.
  2. yes it is hard work and you're going to spend a lot of time and $$$$ no way around it. reconsider your goals maybe buying yer smoke is more efficent for you. this ain't a plug and play endevour
  3. You will end up spending some but the cool thing is youll own it all and can use it over and over.

  4. For reals, some of this equipment will last years. A good set up can run from 0$(assuming you already have everything you need) to XXXX$ (really depends on how big your going). You do get what you paid back for it, so don't expect more than what you give. <--- Quality wise, not selling, although you do save what you would have otherwise spent buying it off the street.
  5. If you're doing a basic closet grow, just get 4 cfls and some socket adapters. Plug em into an extension cord and hang above your plants.

    Put some potting soil into a bucket/box/whatever and let her rip.

    For a first grow, you can get away with 50 bucks. Add a basic carbon air filter and you'll be around 75. Here's a breakdown of my first grow's prices (several years ago):

    4 CFLs - $10
    (2) 5-gallon buckets - free from work
    Potting soil - $10
    Light timer - $5
    Extension cords and adapters - $10
    Oscillating fan - free - already had one

    After I got into flowering, I spent an additional 25 on a carbon air filter.

    I had 2 plants go to harvest for a cost of $60.

    If you want to spend more, you certainly can. But for a beginner, there is no need.

  6. whats a carbon air filter? and dont you need to feed them fertilizers?

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