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  1. Hi, I have obtained a box that I hope will be suitable for a grow ! I will seal the inside with mylar to make an inner skin, I might do the outside also as a form of insulation. It is 26inches by 26 inches and about 6.5 foot tall !!! I am looking forward to it but am planning on a bit more than my current lighting. I am thinking of about a 250 or 400 HID. I am considering a side ways SCOG (excuse my stupidity) Where i intend to use a screen around the sides and numerous CFL'S suspended in the middle of the box.
     I will attempt this in autumn cos the temps are high in my attic at this time of year ! Any suggestions with this planned grow are most welcome.


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  2. Is that a cardboard wardrobe box? You are wasting your time. Maybe a cfl grow at best.
  3. cfl wont get hot enough to set alight the box unless the cfl is a duff i started in a box the only thing is humidity it suck water out the air and becomes less rigid you cannot put hid in there too hot

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  4. I did my first grow in a box very similar. I agree with jungle jim, cfl's at best. You're better off cutting the box into walls and leaving the top off. Cover the walls w/Mylar or white plastic. It will work but you will see by the end of the grow so many other ways to do what you're doing....great start though. You gotta start somewhere.
  5. Did you attach a handle to a carboard box? I have seen where this type of setup works before. Good luck!!
  6. or try vhot5 bulbs

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  7. Hi, 
     Thanks for replies. I was planning on giving it a mylar skin sealed into one piece on both the inside and outter. I intend on using a 250-400w hid with a cool tube to keep it cool. Naturally it will have a carbon filer. I do not think that it will get to hot. 
     I did indeed. just a toy idea lol.
     I think the humidity will be fine. The inside will be a skin sealded with mylar. I hear ya about cardboard sucking the moisture outta the air.
     It is cardboard. BUT please re read about it being totally sealed.
     You mean up the middle ? I am not sure if it will be productive or i should use sog or scog.
  8. no above get the right length tube then fill the depth with tubes 1:3 so 1 6400k 3 2700k will give good alround growth :) tho get all light in test for a few day on heat and get the holes right first time you dont wanna be cutti g more holes in cardboard than you need to proper seal the card put a spray sealant on first then a ya mylar

    other option id some beasty cfl depending on how many plants id start with a small few small 25-30w for a week or so then add a beasty150-300w one and keep the 30w ones for lower leaves. a dual output is more expensive but cheaper than buying 2 different spec lights

    or of you got money then led's. but if i could afford leds id just buy a grow tent cheap hps off fleabay and a decent fan :) btw with led dont buy them cheap ones off ebay you will be looking at 400+ for led i should imagine
     Thanks man ! 
     LED's run cooler but they are not viable for me due to price. I just figure that if I have decent venting then a smallish hps with supplemental CFL's for dark spots will do great. I will seal the mylar with silicone sealant (for aquariums not the bathroom stuff which contains potential problem chemicals.
     I really think a cool tube with good venting will be sound in this setup idea. I will not be growing until late aug/sept due to temp issues. It is defo easier to make heat than make cold lol. I am at this point thinking that about 8 or 16 autos will be bomb in there. I will also use some sorta hydro set up but not sure which yet. The res will sit outside the box and be kept warm by an aquarium heater. I hope this all sounds good so far. 
     Like I say I have some time for planning and design. I think it will effectively be a grow tent any way due to the mylar skin inside.
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    8-16 plants your gonna need more than a small hps and autos more like 600w-1000w for decent yeild my friends grow is bigger than ya box and at max it can fit 6 plants
    there all 3ft tall and bushy abd there autos too just cause there auto dont mean there all gonna be small and 16plants is quite alot if you fuck them up id go with 4 plants to start and see where your adventure take you as for me ot went card board box to wooden box to a tent i have a 60x60x140 tent 4 plants max 250w hps and my temps are in the low 80's my mate has a bit bigger tent and 500w hps but a fan thats capable of doing a big room but turned down for sound reasond and his temps are low 80's the issue with hps in a cardboard box is fire hps get hot enough to self ignite cardboard if i was you and your adiment on using cardboard id stick to cfl ot t5 and put as much as you can in with out over heating the plant
  11. how big are these pots cause they gonna need to be 1.5gal each for auto min
     Your other comments are noted. I cant work out gallons. I do get liters :p) erm maybe i will take photo strains then and sog them 12/12 from the off. I can buy cuttings for like £5 each. Thinking about it 8-16 is pie in the sky lol.
  13. yeah 8-16 is way too much if given space a decent auto like flash babalon can yeild 4oz each and get 3ft tall get square pots alwell you can fit more in and 6liter pot for autos or photos 12/12from the off tho do veg for a week at18/6 to give it some size :) cutting for 5each make sure
    there rooted first that wil give youna head start :)

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