how will no nutrients affect plants?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have a quick and hopefully answerable question. If am planning to have a few plants growing and do not have the funds to feed them any nutrients (because I am without a job and really to poor to buy anything save lights and dirt.) Will they survive till harvest? and I already know that the yield will be lower because of no nutrients. But I just want to know if they will make it. Oh yah the soil is gonna be a pro-mixture if that helps.

    so to recap question....

    1) if I do not feed the plants any nutrients on a indoor grow will they survive till harvest?

    they would only be getting light and water for nourishment.

    if you respond. thank you for your help and wisdom.
  2. If you have really good soil, the nutrients are already in it.

    Most people like to supplement with additional nutrients beyond what's in the soil, but not everyone does. I've seen at least a couple of soil mix recipes that were meant to provide everything needed throughout the plants life cycle, and require nothing but water.
  3. thanks hort,

    yah I got something that is just called pro-mix the guy at the plant shop said he uses it for all his stuff, so im just hoping they will make it through their whole life cycle without being affected by deficiencies. Im also planning on distilling most of their water for at least 2 hrs before watering just as an added precaution.
  4. You should be good then.

    It probably won't grow as fast, or produce as much, but with good soil, it will complete it's life cycle. It helps to remember that these plants were growing in the ground long before humans came up with fancy nutrient concoctions for them.

    What you will want to do is watch the plant for signs of nutrient deficiency as it gets older. If you do see this, it can be corrected with some very cheap garden store additions that shouldn't cost you more than just a few dollars.
  5. they are going to need nutrient in my opinion. your soil shouldn't be pre-loaded with that many nutrients in the first place- that'll kill the plant before it even starts growing. nutrients are can get enough nutrients for an entire grow for the cost of a sandwich. i don't understand how you can afford everything else for a grow but not nutrients...??

    what does that mean? you don't "distill" water for a given amount of time. distallation involves boiling the water and collecting the vapor by condensing it in a separate container. if by "distilling" you just mean boiling, then you're wasting your time. boiling water doesn't remove anything (except chlorine, which doesn't require 2 hours of boiling..just let it sit out on the counter for a day). the only thing it'll do is sterilization, which shouldn't be necessary unless you're grabbing water from a swamp, in which case you'll have more issues than just sterility. if you actually want distilled water, you'll either need to buy it from the store (at a whopping 85 cents per gallon or something), or buying a very expensive still.

    good luck man.
  6. man, save your money so you can feed yourself and then grow when you're able to invest in it.

    or else you'll spend all your money on this, and then one little mistake or bad fortune towards the end will be devastating for you.
  7. "nutrients are can get enough nutrients for an entire grow for the cost of a sandwich."

    What nutrients are they? and where do you buy them?
  9. yah, any suggestions on specific nutrients? and preferably the most cost effective that will do the job correctly for veg and flowering stages. and I can tell you how I don't have enough for the nutrients it's because I gotta feed myself, barely had enough to get this thing started and had to get a friend to throw in on
  10. Fox Farm's Tiger Bloom is a decent fertilizer has most everything in it required for flowering. Just adjust the pH (which you should do with all your water and nutrient solutions) before you add it. shit, even Miracle Grow, if you use it in very small quantities and get the right kind, is cheap and works.

    Honestly man, if you barely have enough money to feed yourself, I don't think growing is the best thing for you at this point in your life. You shouldn't spend your very last penny on something that most people fail on on their first try.
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    this is another problem: your friend knows you're growing.

    rule #1 of growing: never tell a single person that you are growing...ever. your risk of getting caught went up a thousand fold by letting your friend in on your operation.

    while i'm at it, how do you plan to control smell when it starts to flower? again, these are the types of things that can be reasonably expensive but need to be seriously considered for a successful, safe grow.

    my apologies if i sound critical; i'm just speaking my opinion, but i think most people with growing experience would agree. :(
  12. On the contrary, if you sit tap water out for 24 hrs (whether it be in an open or closed container it will not sterilize it. It will do exactly the opposite, for bacteria multiples the most at room temperature. And also distillation does not only remove chlorine from water, it can be used to seperate anything from salt to even oxygen molocules. I'm not intending to disprove you, but instead wishing that someone not put a gallon jug of water out and let the bacteria multiply 1,000 times an hour until they pour it onto they're plant.

  13. :confused_2:

    Really? I've been doing this awhile w/o any problems that I'm aware of. I do ph it, and try to shake it up thorough out the 48hrs that I leave it sitting out.
  14. And even oxygen molecules?!?! You mean it evaporates?!! OMG! :eek:

    If you follow this logic, you have to follow the same logic that if you use hydro in a reservoir it will be teaming with trillions of bacteria by the time your plants have used all of the solution in it.

    Complete nonsense, and bad info.

    I've been leaving my nutrient solutions in gallon jugs, sitting out, open, for a long, long time now, and my plants just seem to like it.

    To answer OP's question, basically the plant should survive, but if it does you may not be happy with the results. If you want to do it, you have to make sure you are getting good soil. Just because it's a plant doesn't mean it doesn't have to eat, and simply giving it water isn't enough to feed it. MJ is a hungry plant, not just to produce great results, but to produce any results, it needs to feed.

    If you want to buy a good fertilizer that you can use throughout the whole grow, just go get Big Bloom and use it full strength after about the third week. It's around 15.00 a bottle, but it will last at least a few grows, and it should be plenty of what your plants need. It's not "optimum" but it will more than work fine.
  15. Thanks Do Work. That's what I needed to hear. I guess I'm going to be going out and grabbing some big bloom soon. Or I will put shit on hold till I can get some nutrients that will see me through.
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    dude this is entirely wrong, except for the fact that distillation will separate salt from the water. bacteria do not multiply in water a 1000 times per hour as there is nothing for them to grow on (i.e. no source of carbon or energy). i'm about a year away from a PhD in Biochemistry, trust me I know a thing or two about bacterial growth, but even basic common sense should tell you otherwise. ever drank water from a water bottle that has been sitting all day? it's still perfectly good to drink, and there isn't bacteria growing all over in it. even milk, or sugar water, doesn't support common bacterial or mold growth like that. ever left your milk out for a couple of hours? did you come back to it with bacteria foaming over the top? of course not.

    second, distillation does not separate oxygen from the water as it is a gas in the atmosphere. any overpressure by any gas will cause it to dissolve in the water. the only way to remove oxygen from water is to pull vacuum over it in a closed container to degass it and keep it in an anaerobic environment.

    i know you're only trying to help, but let's keep the horrifically wrong information to a minimum... :(
  17. Another good source for clean cheap water are those refilling stations at whole foods. They're on 39 cents a gal. Usualuy have RO and deionized water. Just buy a big blue water jug or two and refill those every few weeks. The time it sits between refills also stablizes the ph of the water.
  18. I think the person about the bacteria thing thought of the wrong situation. Theres an old phobia that if you take a drink from an open container, and leave it out, the bacteria from your mouth would form around the edges of the container opening where it was dry, and that was the bacteria ridden part. Not the water...

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