How will East Coast be affected if Cali gets legalized?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Shabab, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Will prices drop substantially at the East coast for high quality weed? Will it be more abundant?
  2. nothing will change except the now completely deserted east coast. it'll look like the after pics of a nuclear bomb in a few years.

    and california will be overrun by, well, everybody.

    the reality is nothing will change until you change it. don't wait. go to your legislators and speak to them. talk with your chapter of norml and have them go with you. get things done not by watching but by doing.
  3. Nothing will change at first but prohibitionist will eventually loosen up when they see that californian hospitals aren't flooded with people who smoked/babies aren't being turned into shiskabob/whatever the fuck they believe will happen when people smoke

  4. shishkebobs haha that made me lol:smoke:

    Yea, I doubt there will be much effect on prices in the east. Mostly because so many people are un aware of the weed market and how much weed costs....shit...stoners have a hard time with this.

    Unless your dude get all of his shit from cali, dont expect to see any price changes.

    And even if he did get it from cali at like $80 ounces of kush, then chances are it would still be 20/g on the east coast. Until there is more competition for customers, we wont see much change I believe.

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