How were you able to get high today?

Discussion in 'General' started by IloveWookiees, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. So instead of posting a coolstorybro-worthy thread in RLS, I've decided on making a poll instead. So if you got high today, which of the following events led to your.. uhhh... high-getting?

    A) I had a bag already, so I used that. :)
    B) I didn't have any, so I got some more and used that. :hello:
    C) Someone I know had some, so I used that. :smoke:
    D) Someone I didn't know until today had some, so I used that. :wave:
    E) I randomly found some! :eek: So I used that.
    F) I stole some! :devious: So I used that.
    G) I harvested today! :D So I used that.
    H) I didn't get high today and I hate you guys :(.
    I) cool story bro. :cool:
    J) Other. :confused:
  2. I believe your votin' system is rigged.
  3. I did it as other.. haha
    Me and three of my friends met up, realized none of us had weed... or money... except this one kid, who bought a gram and smoked us up on a blunt while walking through a cemetary. Cool shit. :smoke:
  4. Well since I have a job, I bought some.
  5. hmm...I just don't see it. Care to explain?
  6. I'm an anarchist...Even on the internet.

    They're all rigged in my opinion.
  7. I had a bowl of Afghani this morning.
    Had a peanut butter canna-cookie after lunch.
    About an hour ago I took two droppers of a homemade tenture.
    Just turned off my EQ, had a bowl of Super Magnolia.

    It's off to peace-land now....
  8.'s true, i developed this poll as a ruse to get the coolstorybros that I wanted all along..the smilies, the letters, the explosions; all a ploy i tell ya!

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