How Well Would These Bulbs Work?

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  1. Pack of 6 6500K 45W Photo Studio Day Light Bulb PB45-6P | eBay

    There wasnt that much information on the listing, but i contacted the seller and they said that each bulb produced 650 lumens?
    I thought that was ridiculously low for the amount of watts it requires. Does anyone know well these would work for growing just one or two plants?
    Thanks :smoke:
  2. That almost dont sound right. 1 regular 23 watt daylight cfl on home depots website puts out 1600 lumens with a 5000k rating. If the info on lumens you got is right then I wouldnt get them.
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    I see nothing on the ebay page stating lumen value...

    NVM reread the OP. Are you sure you heard them right? 42w CFLs put out about 2850 lumens, 45w should be slightly more.
  4. I received my delivery today and now am checking how well they work
    vegging with two of these plus a 26w 5500k.
    they actually look less bright than my 26w which is very surprising

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