How well do you think they will do?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by deadkndys, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. So I got my seeds today Ice,Blue Mystic,White Widow,AK 48, and two regular seeds of White Skunk.

    According to the seedbanks these are indoor plants (except for white skunk it didn't say).
    My question is how well will these plants do outdoors in Southern California with moderate care?
  2. They will instantly die, just kidding sir, with a good amount of care, you should end up with some dank. Indoor/Outdoor plant labeling is pretty much a recommendation. Good luck with your grow.
  3. turn moderate into extensive care, and you'll have ounces upon ounces to harvest!

    don't sell yourself short man. baby those babies until they grant you the weight you want.
  4. Thanks I appreciate your input guys.
  5. Ummm, I guess the question is why you ordered inside seeds for outdoors? JK. If it will grow at all, it will probably grow outdoors in CA. You're really early though, watch out for frost. You're probably going to have some huge bushes before they even flower, so I hope you have a good place.
  6. Anyone else have any opinions on this?
  7. You'll get more responses in the growing section.

    If it doesn't get too cold (below 60) in your area, you should have no problem growing those strains outdoors.
  8. anyone else?
  9. Idk how many opinions on this topic you need lol but you keep asking. Plants grow outside in nature, so really I see the need for Indoor/Outdoor labels on seeds, any plant of any variety, given enough time and care, will grow in either.
  10. U should be fine dude its SO CAL ! just take real good care of them they will grow fine
  11. Start them indoors for a month with an oscillating fan blowing on them. This will promote stronger and thicker stems. Also if they are a month old when they face the elements they will have a much higher chance of surviving.
  12. Well actually, imo, indoor strains have tighter bud structure and vice versa. Kush strains, for example, are mainly grown indoors because very tight and prone to bud rot outdoors.
    Sativa hybrids are bigger and have fox tail, open structured buds to resist rain. So if it rains heavily for a few days in a row whren those dense buds are formed, they will probably mold and you would lose a big part of your harvest. Hope that it doesn't rain or cover them up if possible. But in Ca, it's always nice out so you should be fine.

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