How well do you know your parents?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by StephenEwan, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. I was looking through an old photo album and was thinking, how little do I actually know my dad? Like of course I know him as my dad, but that's all I've ever known him as. Does anyone else wonder what their parents were like when they were kids? Crazy to think about, at least to me haha
  2. yea, i do wonder. i know them very well actually, but thats just my inquisitive nature. they really didnt tell me or my brother much, but they were open to questions when i had the mind to ask. 
  3. Very well. Enough to know I want to be nothing like them.
  4. yea man, i wonder that too. and that nigga still owes me his welfare check
  5. Now that you say that I dont know much about Dad,I know alot about my mom.I think my dad used to smoke some weed or did it once and now his religion changed his view on marijuana.
  6. hmmm, im not sure for a long time my mum was the closest person to me but i still don't really know her that well. funny that, i'd love to take some unmentionables with and really connect with her and have a deep conversation about our pasts but she'd never do that :(
  7. I've also thought of what they were like at my age, like if I had the chance to chill with my mom or dad when he was my age would we become friends? Also I wonder if my folks kinda acted like I do, or if they had some of the same kinda habits as me
  8. When my parents divorced while I was a teen and I really learned a lot more about them after that. I also did some work with my dad for summer jobs and was able to see him in his work environment and became close friends with his best friend so yeah I know him really well. My mom was never at all a mystery to me
  9. Well enough to hate them...

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  10. Mm I think I know my parents' lives fairly well. However I think my insight into them is much far as who they are as people..
  11. I respected and loved them...even tho as I grew up I sort of pushed them away...
    being an adult now, and both of them having passed away, there are so many things I would love to ask them about. Things that never entered my mind when I was a child/teen.....
  12. I know my father's childhood for the most part, he was always at an aunt's restaurant or hanging with friends. Got into football and mechanics, then went into the air force. My mother was the partier, she and her brothers would go over to mexico and buy cases of liquor and beer. All i know about her childhood though, was that she lived an island lifestyle. When she moved out with a friend she said she grew her own weed.

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