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How well do you know your dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KFredo, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Ok so I've always had the same two hookups from two very trustworthy guys. One dropped out last year and one already graduated from my high school and I knew them both well enough to trust and they were not involved in any violent crime.

    I have a friend who lives near the inner city and a lot of his connects have guns. He said most of them don't act violent towards him (a skinny white stoner, most of his connects are huge and thuggish, some white, some black, mostly latin) but they always make him aware that they're packing a gun, either verbally or by showing it to him, and they rarely ask him to smoke out. Surprisingly though, he never has gotten ripped off and all his shit is pretty legit dank.

    I'm just curious because I don't know if I have the balls to be around guns and my dealers are all happy-go-lucky stoners who I can even haggle with sometimes, and they always let me sample by smoking me out when I pick up personally. So do any of your dealers carry weapons?

    I asked my main guy about it and he said he'd rather be stripped of all his shit and robbed than have to secure his business with threats. He's been shorted money before but he works for himself and is cool enough to let it go and just not deal with those people anymore.
  2. There's this one guy I kinda know, I even buy weed from him sometimes. Think his name was captain cook or some shit
  3. I have had some dealers that were co-workers, some of them were good friends that started dealing and some people that I met as a dealer and became friends with later. I have also had dealers that I just called out of the blue one day from a friend's recommendation and we literally never even exchanged names.
  4. Idk if my dealer carries a gun, but his friends do.
  5. I'm sure if I found out the other dealer who graduated already carried a gun I'd be cool with it because I trust him but idk man it would be hard for me to be around weapons as a rural town kid who has only ever used a hunting rifle and a shotgun, and even having that shit around the house scares me.
  6. i am the dealer :smoke:
  7. [quote name='"nrcalbds"']i am the dealer :smoke:[/quote]

    Captain Cook?
  8. If they're serious and deal regularly, they'll probably carry some type of weapon on them. A guy I picked up from about a year ago carried a small pistol with him, we were actually good friends, so I never had to worry, but he kept it in on him just in-case something went wrong, or even for protection in-case someone tried to jack him. That was actually more of the case, self-defense, rather than being the aggressor and attacking someone.
  9. Captain Cock?
  10. One of my good friends was my dealer for about a year until he got caught. Poor guy.

    Now I've been buying from a few different people, haven't really found a guy I want to go to regularly. The last kid I bought from came out to the car and told us that they had just tried to rob another dealer, using his moms boyfriend who's covered in swastika tattoos and has been to jail for 10 years for armed robbery.

    shit's messed up, i don't like being around that
  11. i know my dealers got guns cause he grows but im not sure if he carries
  12. [quote name='"Something New"']

    Captain Cock?[/quote]

    Ah! I see you've learned my stage name!!
  13. My main dealer is dating my best friend so I know him pretty well. He's a good friend but he's the most fucked up kid you'll ever meet. He tripped on unmentionables consecutively for 2 weeks and he fried his brain.

    My other main dealer is this ghetto, huge black kid living in North Philly. He's such a baby and he's actually such a sweet guy, but I would definitely cross the street if I saw him walking towards me.

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