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How well do you Function while high with a straight edge

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Washburn, May 3, 2011.

  1. I've been an avid smoker for a while. And everytime I get high and get in a social setting, I'm clever and fun and make tons of friends. I'm never the dumb clumsy incoherent stoner that the steteo types portray. I just feel more awesome lol. Am I alone on this? If I am, go ahead and bring on the trolling lol.
  2. I keep to myself around people, sober or high. Don't know why, never really talkative with anybody unless I feel comfortable around the people I usually just don't talk
  3. I never tell people that I smoke, other than my closest, dearest friends, or the people I happen to do it with. And I'm always sure to pick the right crowd.
  4. im 100% normal when im high, maybe just a little bit lazy or more hyper depending on the bud i smoke and how the people im with are acting. I kinda blend in with however everyone around me is. like if everyones quiet ill be quiet, but if were at a party and everyones talking to eachother, im more talkative and less shy
  5. dont let someone elses extreme mindset affect you.
    most likely they wont/cant do shit lol

  6. Is "the right crowd" an internet forum?

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