How well do other drugs mix with weed for you?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tokage567, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I mean to say, does alchohol+weed agree with you?

    Generally for me it does.

    In fact, a couple nights ago i took like 1.5g's of cubensis shrooms, smoked 2 joints, and then got my ass to a party where i drunk down like 9 tequila/whiskey shots.

    So i had all my friends. Jack, Jose, and Maryjane. plus shrooms :p

    Had a pretty cool time on that shit.

    Felt ilke ass the next mornin tho.

    But it seemed to agree with me, ya know?

    I was wondering if it makes it worse/better for you?

    So to summarize: Do you enjoy smoking weed while doing other drugs?
  2. I think Rolls+weed+cigs+amazeing sex for 3 hours is an amazeing combo
  3. Cigs and weed go well together. Drinking and smoking is hit or miss for me. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it plain sucks. Overall I like it though, but if I'm alone or just hanging with a friend or two then I don't drink when I toke or toke when I drink usually.
  4. tonight its oxy + weed + cigs = very high me:smoke:
  5. Dude how many shrooms did you eat if you took 9 tequila shots..?!
    EDIT: You say you ate 1.5g of shrooms.. They must've been shitty shrooms...

    Fuck drinking on shrooms... If you smoke weed while trippin on shrooms you'll be bolted into another galaxy... Fuckin crazy experiences with this combo :D

    Yay sucks. Period. I tried yay and I ended up just wantin to drink and smoke weed the entire night.. I just bought a half that night and smoked literally all night off the bong.. It was to the point nobody was wantin to smoke weed anymore so I was loadin myself bong bowls :smoke:
    I ended up passing out in the backyard... I will never try yay again..

    I smoke weed and drink nearly every night... I love smokin a bowl while drinkin a beer mannn
  6. im drunk and stoned as fuck and i feelin real good

    but im also bout to pass the fuck out.

    got a fresh zip of some fruity shit tonight,, barely got enough time to smoke before ish gone. gotttttta smoke smoke smoke smoke smoke smoke an sleep:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:

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