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How well do carbon filters REALLY work?

Discussion in 'Security' started by Deja Vu, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. For me, odour elimination is of paramount importance. If my exhaust air from my carbon filter are going straight into the surrounding room i live in, will there be any noticeable smell in the air? I'll be sure to use some ONA gel or something if this is the case. Thoughts? :smoke:
  2. From what I've read and seen, they work amazingly. Literally 0 smell whatsoever.

  3. Awesome, if that is the case :D
  4. My phresh filter is amazing. Zero smell. Way better than Ona alone. When I zip open the tent the smells are overwhelming.

  5. Nice nice. Thank for the feed back :D
  6. Yea they keep the weed smell away but have their own carbon smell which is noticeable if you know what they smell like..Oma kills that though and makes everything smell like a gas station bathroom :)
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    Real life story. Last weekend I installed a can filter in my tent, 4th week of flower. Yesterday ATF, Hi-way Patrol and the local police (7 cars in all) staged in front of my house to raid a house down the street (a real dumb-ass, he moved into a house that was busted 3 months ago). If I had not put my filter in place they would have detected my grow. Not that it would have been a big issue as I am legal, I don't want all the neighbours to know.
    They work well and lower the noise of the fan as well.


  8. Better a gas station bathroom than my plants :D Cheers :smoking:
  9. They work great, my phresh kills the smell 100% until the tent is opened.
  10. what size phresh filter whould go with a 400cfm 6inch inline fan attached to a aircooled hood

  11. The 6" x 16" 400 cfm
  12. dammmme is there any way i could get one smaller? or is there a lighter carbon filter out there.. i actually bought that one and returned it cuz my sercret jardin tent just cant take anymore weight hanging from it.
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    I build a second frame in my tent too hold all the equipment. I used 1 1/4" PVC pipe and it works perfect. The frame runs the width of my tent, but it fits just inside the thin pipes of the frame. It is about 12" deep, just as deep as my filter is. I was like $12 for the fittings and pipe. No worries about shit falling anymore.

    Edit: I have one vertical pipe to a "T" fitting and two across the top 10" apart (using elbows) to hang the equipment from. Also I put inside the two 1 1/4" pipes a section of 3/4" pipe to stiffen it.
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    I am pretty sure Phresh are the lightest, being aluminum and not steel. The thing is you want to match cfm. A filter that is rated 200 with a 400 cfm inline is not going to have enough contact time to scrub the air. Depending on your cubic foot space you might be able to slow your fan down and get away with a smaller filter.
  15. so if i turn my 400cfm fan down i could get a smaller one? my tents something like 5x5x6.5
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    That would give you 162.5 cubic feet (5x5x6.5). I believe you want to exchange all the air at least once per minute. Many use 3 times per minute depending on how much heat they have. So in your case I'm not sure I would slow down a 400cfm exhaust fan too much or you may not have enough ventilation. RC Flyer had a great suggestion to add support to the tent. You could also mount the inline fan outside the tent maybe, so that you could hang the 6x16 400cfm filter inside.
  17. :poke: Hey, what's ona gel? Hope it's not airisol, bad for the ozone. Thanx
  18. 100% odor elimation with a Carbon Filter. If your not using one you either dont need it because you own your house and no one comes over that would rat you out or your just dumb.

    Also have a jar of ONA in my tent as well. Combo of the 2 is 100%.
  19. Don't expect 100% odor elimination with a carbon filter, but 100% 98% of the time. You WILL get some odor escaping every now and then and must take precautions to be able to control it when it does. Car air fresheners (the trees) and or ONA usually work, keep some on hand...
  20. A lot of so called experts here that admit they have ''heard'' or ''read'' that carbon filters work. Why answer a queation on here when you have no idea of what you are talking about?

    I have 25 plants in a 6x5x7' room, and I only use a 4'' fan rated at 170 cfm, with the matching filter.I installed a variable speed switch and run this combo on a very low speed, and it totally eliminates all odor. I use it strictly as a scrubber,meaning I just exhaust the air right back into the room because I only have the door sealed up when the lights are off.So heat isn't a problem. So when I am at work, the lights are off,the door is closed,and the fan/filter are on at low speed. I don't need to have air fresheners going anymore either.Keep the humidity low,and the room clean, and the filters will last a lot longer.

    So,yes,they do work.Make sure you suck the air through the filter,and don't force the air into it. And make sure you use a flexible hose between the fan and filter which will keep vibration down,and keep the carbon from being knocked around and creating empty pockets where air wont come into contact with the carbon. I use a 4'' combo made by growbright,which some people say don't work. Mine works great. I have no complaints.

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