how weed has improved my life

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  1. most people think once you smoke weed your a bad person. i thought that until about 6 months ago. My friend was offered some and he said i should try it too, before i even contemplated it i researched it at home and found that it isnt harmfull at all.
    ok so i had exams and i used to get really stressed and worried, when this happend i would just vape or smoke a little bit of bud and go for a walk with my dog, really chilled me out and help me think about what i need to do to perform well in my exams. i didnt get high all the time and used it in moderation. that way it didnt come in the way of my performance, and i believe i performed well.
    now soon i need to think about universities, i am hopefully going to enroll in a physics or electrical engineering course in a scottish uni.
    so i smoke weed and i have a bright future, who could of thaught that possible!
  2. Yeah Ithink that if you dont get retarded every night and smoke in moderation that it can help with stress and not really effect you in a negative way. I smoke entirely too much and I've noticed that I dont pay attention in school, but then again I didn't to begin with =P
  3. Yeah. It deff takes a load off your mind for sure.

    It helps me see through the bullshit in life. There comes this point where you smoke so much, it changes your perspective on what's truly important to you. It's happening to me right now.
  4. In high school, everyone was shocked when they found out I smoked weed. I graduated with a 3.9 GPA, and the only reason I didn't have a 4.0 or better was because I screwed up the first semester of my junior year (I still had a 3.17, but that sucked compared to my usual grades). People never expected the smart kid to smoke :rolleyes:

    One time in my junior year, my physics group and I were working on a project. Well, everyone besides me, initially. I was at home doing some last minute research for the group and getting supplies at my house. On the drive over to where the group was at, I sparked a blunt I had rolled, and I was pretty damn high when I finally showed up. My eyes were on fire and I reeked like weed. This one guy in our group, who deals but keeps it a secret to pretty much everyone who doesn't smoke, starts laughing and says "Holy shit dude, you are so fucking baked!" The rest of our group members (all straight-edge) knew absolutely nothing about weed, so they spend the next 20 minutes asking me about pot and giggling about how high I was. It was weird how stoners in high school were viewed as these mythical beings :/

    Oh well. I'm at a good university now and life's good
  5. I was told that if I masturbated I would become a bad person. I guess I must be evil.
  6. holy shit then im a modern day satan

  7. :laughing: ;)

    Yea, I'm in the National Collegiate Honors Society (cumulative 3.4 GPA or better) and I smoke weed e'eryday. Shit woulda made Dean's List too but oh well, undergraduate business student as well, Broad College of Business at Michigan State :smoke:
  8. A lot of us were surprised to find that we had been lied to our whole lives. A fine lesson in the lies of propaganda, and doing your own research.

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