How Weed Has Affected Me.....

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  1. UK Blade here, making a concentrated effort to become properly integrated into this site cos it seems like such a good place to meet cool people.
    Anyways, i've been blazing for about 5 years now, mostly through high-school and now at university. I've been thinking about a few ways that weed has affected or "changed" me so i figured i may as well make a post about it.
    First and most notably, it has caused me to become totally obsessed with nature and all things outside- living in britain, we don't get the best weather, but growing up in a house that i couldn't smoke in pretty much forced me outside to brave the elements and smoke joints in the pissing rain and howling wind. But the funny thing is, as soon as i'm stoned, howling wind and rain becomes pretty fascinating as well as everything else to do with nature. I found myself a really substantial tree in my local park that i love to sit underneath when i'm smoking in rainy conditions. A lot of my buddies at high-school that don't smoke kinda lost interest in just going to the park after they got older then 15-16 because they'd rather be inside with the warmth or just in general don't get that huge appeal that nature has to me.
    Secondly, I think weed has encouraged me to at least try and eat healthy and exercise (barring huge munchy frenzies of course). The way that i now think about the world outiside made me realize that my body is in fact a part of nature, it has been made to be strong enough to tackle the outside elements. When i think about this when i'm stoned, it has a real importance to me- it encourages me to at least try and have my body in the shape that it deserves to be in.

    As well as this, I think weed has caused me to become more peaceful and solitary- not that i don't enjoy the company of others- but the first few times smoking the ganja alone and being sent off to that instant haven of pure, deep, uninterrupted thought made me really appriciate the importance of "alone time" and the act of thinking deeply- stoned or not. It has made me realise the futility of stress, hate, anger and negativity and that no matter what mistakes I or others have made, we are all human and ultimately these mistakes are totally insignificant so we should just do our best to get along.

    As well as all the circumstantial stuff that comes with doing something illegal (having to be a little more gutsy about standing up for my decisions to my parents, having to deal with the fact that i may have an encounter with the law in future, and becoming a little more street smart cos of all the new types of people that i've met through weed) I'd say smoking the ganja has changed me quite a lot- but not in a way that makes me any less of a person or any less functional...just changed my way of thinking about things, and from what i can tell it's for the better

    Sorry for the long post guys, just thought i'd share this with the fellow blades :)

    Keep toking :)
  2. Mary Jane will do those things. If you break her down real nice and roll her up real good. She will take you on the best ride you've ever had.
  3. Nice post I enjoyed reading it and I'm glad it makes you want to keep your body in shape. Being in shape is pretty important and nature is also.
  4. Treated with respect due for it's power, cannabis can change anyone.
  5. Hear Hear. My experience is very similar man. I would be dead or still an alcoholic if it wasn't for the Ganja.
  6. We're all just moving ashes

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