How Weed Has Affected Me.....

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by roady05, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Hey Blades, uk smoker here, making a concentrated effort to get myself actively involved in this site cos i need to meet more cool people.
    Been blazing for around 5 years now starting in high school and i've been having thoughts about how blazing the herb has affected me growing up so I thought i'd make a post here to voice my thoughts.
    First of all I think weed has made me a more peaceful, solitary person- not to say that I don't enjoy being around company but smoking weed by myself and going into that lovely zone of just deep uninterrupted thought was something that i instantly fell in love with. It has made me appreciate the act of thinking deeply in general- stoned or not
    Secondly I think smoking weed has given me a proper appreciation for all things outdoorsy, spending so much time camping in fields blazing, walking round the park blazing and looking out the window blazing has brought me so close to nature- whenever we get rare sunshine or even barely hospitable conditions here in the UK I spend the the vast majority day outside being among nature otherwise i just feel like i'm wasting the day.
    I also think weed has inspired me to try and look after my body by at least trying to eat healthy and exercise regularly (excluding crazy munchy frenzies). Looking through the stoned eyes at this ridiculously well crafted perception we call existence makes me think that if i've arrived here in this body that's supposed to be putting up with the outside elements and being an active part of the natural world- it should at least attempt to be in good enough shape to do that.
    As well as all the circumstantial stuff that comes with doing something illegal like having to be a bit more gutsy about standing up to the rents about smoking an 'erb like humans have for centuries etc etc (whole other discussion), general changes in my attitude towards government and then the changes in my attitude towards music I think weed has probably changed me quite a lot, but not in a way that makes me any less of a person or a less of a part of the world
    Sorry for the long post guys, Stoned rantingz ftw! :)


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