How Weed Changed My Outlook On Life

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    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum so i thought I should share how I started smoking weed and how it has turned me into such a better person!
    Going back a year, before I used to smoke, I wasnt myself. I'm an outgoing, fun, nice, funny guy but I had trouble being myself. I was the quiet kid in school, I still had alot of friends but it was because I was just a nice and chill guy. I didnt really socialize and it was a fear of talking to other people. I wasnt very good at talking to people and I noticed myself sometimes being a bit socially awkward. At family parties my cousins and siblings would dance and have fun but i'd sit back and just wish I could join them, but for some reason i just couldnt. Maybe I was scared of what people would think. I hated it honestly. Life wasnt all that great, and I failed to find the true meaning of it. 
    So about 6 months ago my bestfriend and I were hanging out in the park. He brought weed with him and asked if i minded him smoking it. Of course I didnt mind so he was smoking and offered me some. Im a smart guy and made my own decision to take a hit. AND......nothing happened lol. He told me to smoke more so I did. About 15 minutes went by and everything started to change. The woods looked beautiful and all the stress went away. I was so happy. Everything was better! I loved life! Well needless to say I began smoking daily (and i still do lol). Not until recently however while stoned and listening to "are you experienced" by Jimi Hendrix I realized something. Drama and stress is the cause of a poor life. If people are just happy all the time life would be so great! I cancelled drama and stress out of my life and I'm living so happy right now! I love the world, I love nature, and I LOVE music (im a guitar player by the way :metal:  We only live once so theres no room for sadness or stress. Live life to the fullest and always be happy! And I found the secret to being happy!
    I realized the first change in me when I was at my sisters party and there was dance music on. Everyone was dancing and I finally, after all these years, got up and danced and had a great time!  My cousins asked if it was a new me. I felt like it was a new me! I had more confidence, infact i couldnt be any more confident of myself. :yay:  In school im more open and talk to more people and have more close friends, im so much more positive now. And im also so much more happy! I realize now if theres peace with people then theres peace with the world. And with peace comes happiness and thats what everyone needs. I just wanna thank my friend for giving me the chance to smoke and I honestly love weed so much because my outlook on life has improved so much! Even when im not high im still happy as ever because it changed the way I look at things. My only question is why isnt weed legal so everyone can have the same outlook as me and this world can know peace. stay high my friends  :smoke:

  2. good for you bud, im the same way, awkward, shy and the silent type, i hate being in contact with people or crowd's. Mary helps me get over the bump of being silent and awkward, by making the situation a lil more easier to control. because of cannabis, i dont have the irritability i normally had and have had since a child, it makes me more social with my family. befoe smoking weed i would always stay locked up in my room and neglect myyself and family members of bonding time, but thanks to weed, it makes me able to be patient and less irratable
  3. "The herb reveals you to yourself"
  4. Sounds exactly like me, always quiet and such but I've gotten the confidence to go out and do things now, people always tell me "Wow your awesome how come we havent been friends longer"
  5. I'm glad she could help you overcome some problems. She can save lives.

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