How we lookin.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by InfamousTree, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Heres some bud porn from today 2 days in to week 7 whats your thoughts. 1499002616495.jpg
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  2. Wow that's only week 7?

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  3. Yea bro thats from like 30 mins ago 1499003523010.jpg
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  4. Imo it looks awesome

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  5. Yea i worked hard
  6. Cant share my accomplishments with the feds
  7. Yeah g looking great, is that a 10 week sativa??

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  8. Yea so it says ima run 8
  9. I love it. Almost time for harvest! A few weeks to go I suspect
  10. nice colas there , keep up the good work.. whats the strain?
  11. Great job on these! I would go ahead and give them the 10 weeks. They'll fatten up a lot more if you give them the time to finish. Pull you a few if you want to start, but let some of them go and see the difference. Those last weeks are important time the plant spends working on nothing but filling out the buds and getting more dense. You won't be disappointed. We run primarily White Widow and it looks a lot like what you're growing there in the end. They're so much easier to trim too. God I hate trimming! LOL Even bought myself a trimmer but haven't gotten brave enough to use it yet. LOL But great job overall! TWW
  12. Strawberry cough and ak 47
  13. Good looking stuff keep it up how much light do you use? 2x 600?
  14. 1k on super lumes
  15. Xl cooltube reflector

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