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  1. Just wanted feedback. Also, I'm trying to figure out why the one plant is bending like that seeing as though it's in full sunlight. My other plant is in the same area and it's not doing it. All advice is welcomed;-) image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    The first one looks pretty healthy. There are multiple reasons why seedlings bend and twist, the most common for me is because the leaves grow so quick that the stem can't actually keep itself straight, especially after watering. Wind will fix this in no time, since it encourages the plant to grow a fat stem. If your pH is off seedlings will bend and twist and grow uneven as well and I can tell that the bend one is having issues, look at the difference between their stems, one is purple/dark red, the leaves have a rough surface with one side of the plant growing more than the other (which contributes to the bending). The coloured stem is a great indication that the plant isn't getting enough natrium or phosphorus or potassium or magnesium, which leads me to the conclusion that your pH is off which results in what is know as nutrient lockout.
    It's hard to tell, but from the pictures it looks like you have hair stuck to the plant, if it's web you need to check for pests!
    Edit: I should note that purple stems are common and can be related to genetics, are both plants the same strain?
  3. Both plants are potted in the same soil. The stem has been like since it came through the soil. I'm starting to think something was wrong with the seed or something. Although I just transplanted it also a day ago. Lol and it's the lil white things that are flying around that got stuck to my plant. Don't really know how to remove them.
    Ah, don't worry about the pollen flying around, it has no impact :) What is your pH?
  5. Also, one is a sativa, and the other indica. Could that be why?? Cuz the leaves are still a nice rich green.
  6. Not quite sure. Lol I'm a poor dude after the fertz and pots and shit, ph tester was the last thing on my mind. Anywho... I don't think they could be more different. Everything I do for the straight standing plant, I do for the other. My water ph is between 5.5-6.5. It fluctuates but I normally boil it and/or let it sit out.
  7. i have been strongly impressed that droopy or wobbly seedling stems may result primarily due to a mineral deficiency
    minerals, otherwise known as earth crust, is primarily composed of silica material. and known to enhance plants strength and resistance. 
    found in rock dust, clay, and other sources, minerals are not what you would think of as NPK fertilizer, rather containing trace amounts of NPK along with dozens of other elements needed for healthy soil, such as boron, magnesium, and iron.
    Add them to your soil by sprinkling it to the surface, or mixing in advance...
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    You need to know your run off waters' pH, I cannot stress this enough! You can buy small one time pH test kits, if youre short on money :) If you go to school and have chemistry you could sneak out a bit of the pH paper they use at schools (or maybe ask some mates). Although I believe every strain is a little bit different and therefore require different care (some might disagree), nothing but improper conditions (nutrients/pH/temperature/pests) can produce stunted growth like that you see on your bend plant.
  9. In laymen's terms?? Lol sorry, I'm high and my mind ain't processing the terminology.
  10. Thanks for the advice!!
    What he's saying is that stunted growth in seedlings is also related to lack of minerals (minerals are not nutrients). Check it lists all the needed nutrients and minerals for healthy ganja growing.
  12. Check this as well (right one):
  13. Gotcha!! Lol makes perfect sense!! Thanks guys!! Game plan; so basically I need to get a ph tester, see what the ph is, and start feeding my plants nutrients?? Or rather, feed it nutrients it's missing or lacking?? Sounds about right??
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    yes, get a couple tablespoons of clay, freeze them and then mash them into a powder, sprinkle 1 tbs. around the stem of each plant and see if it doesnt help... if your water ph is coming out between 6-8 your fine. i have taken water samples to the aquarium store before
  15. Definitely will try and let you know how it turns out.
    You're a genius!
  17. I know right @piepgras cuz I sure as hell didn't think about going to the damn fish store.
  18. See, idk what's going on with it. Now it's standing straight up. Well it's slightly bent but not a full 90 degrees like it was when I posted this, which was like an hour ago. image.jpg
  19. image.jpg image.jpg

    Just a few more to show you guys. Y'all don't think it could possibly be the strain??
  20. It's a living breathing thing, it'll move and do things all the time. When they grow taller and get thirsty they'll lift up their fan leaves like arms and a sad face going "please water me daddy" and then when you've watered them they'll drop their arms and be all mellow and careless looking :p


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