How was your year? 2012 is almost over!

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    Its been a rough year:

    The bad:
    My wife and I lost two pregnancies that were far along
    I got diagnosed with a terminal lung illness
    My cousin got stabbed and burned alive for leaving a gang
    My brother got robbed of weed and shot and then robbed more for getting robbed in the first place
    His wife got cancer (she's 21 and 7 months pregnant, inducing labor today early to begin chemo)
    My marriage was tested (infidelity)
    I quit college
    I lost a lot of friends and family due to my illness

    The good:
    I learned what compassion is
    I bought a house
    I grew a few hundred pounds of food on my land!
    I'm not dead (yet)
    My wife is pregnant with twins and they're healthy and far along
    My marriage survived and became stronger than ever, hence the twins lol
    I went on my first break from life and normalcy in ten years and found peace
    The world didn't end
    I didn't get banned from gc by taking out my aggression, but I almost did! (thanks for the friendly warnings will:smoking:)

    I'm ready for a new year and for once, know my purpose.

    How was your year?
  2. Good - Passed two sets of exams, got a girlfriend, imported a new dog from Finland who seems to be winning, gave up my meds and, more importantly, haven't lost the plot.

    Bad - Money is perpetually tight, ended up having to go to court twice regarding money, lost five sheep to either disease or foxes...

    In all, it wasn't a bad year, it had its ups and downs, like every year...

    Bring on 2013
  3. G: Got a promotion, flew by the semester like a boss, got back into water polo, won league championship,

    B: Pretty much everything else. :confused_2:
  4. Hahaha, guess were the only people who care to reflect on the year. Didn't mean to make a dead thread lmao.
  5. well i started smoking weed on January second... dont remember much after that.
  6. Get anyone/everyone you know who is sick with cancer/any other illness on the Rick Simpson oil asap, and you will be cured in no time. You can visit the thread in my sig for more info.

    As for 2012 it was very rough but i have learned a lot of important lessons this year, and i think 2013 is going to be the start to a better world for everyone.
  7. This year was absolutely awesome for me. Last year fucking sucked because I had mostly shitty friends and had some legal trouble and had to move back in with my parents. got stabbed in the back by a life long friend after that. Then in January 2012 I said FUCK THIS and moved out started paying for alllll of my shit, got a house with some roomates 5 minutes from my college campus. Now i have a real friend living with me who I can honestly call a brother. I have 2 very easy jobs and make good money at them. I have an awesome 1 year old puppy who is a pit/dalmation mix. I stopped being so nice to girls and being a pushover, now I act like a dick, and what do you know it works! shocking right? Now i have a couple horny little fuck buddies just like me. Did ok in school this year, and I partied all year long with my real friends. Ive been hitting the gym extra hard this year and am in better shape then ever, and I am stronger/bigger than Ive ever been before.
    I learned this year that I am fucking awesome, and I am better than all of the people who wronged me last year and the couple that did this year. Now instead of being bothered by those people, i just put my middle finger in the air and remind myself that they are losers and I am a great person and I put a shit eating grin on my face and say fuck you lame mofos :) also not to mention I have been smoking the finest green around the ATL area for next to free for the past few months :)

    Best year of my life so far. Bring on 2013! Im gonna keep doing exactly what Im doing, only I am going to get more organized so i can be even more productive and successful.

  8. My brother and I had a conversation about 2012 this morning as we were talking about the successful, healthy birth of his daughter, Today. Another blessing in a very strange year. :)
  9. Op I like the positivity. I'm glad to hear about your marriage.

    As for me, the bad was losing a girlfriend that I loved, having a few relatives pass away, having many of my friends leave to college, my depression came back in full force.

    The good was getting my first job, finally making money, buying a car, getting B's in 2 of my first classes ever in college(failed the 3rd but even that I look at positively as a learning experience), having a great prom and graduating high school with the highest gpa I've had since freshman year, and partying hard as fuck senior year.

    All in all, I'd say the bad was equal to the good. There might have been some more bad things that I don't remember right now, but the point is, I've been working hard to focus on the good. Best of luck to everyone in their new year

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