How was your first time?

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  1. What were the circumstances and consequences of your first experience with cannabis? Any hilarious and/or humiliating anecdotes are most welcome.

  2. My first time was at my best buddies house. We were 18 at the time I think. He knew I was strongly against smoking, but after some shots and what not convinced me to smoke. Didn't really get high at all though. Ended up going back to my dorm after we swam in his girls pool for a few hours. But it was what opened me up to toking and hell, now it's the only intoxicating substance I indulge in haha.
  3. My first time Was at a movie theatre I smoked a joint with my best buddies and I didn't get high but it opened me up to a new life style , now weed is like an expensive hooker. But it's the kind of hooker you always goto because of the way she makes you feel.
  4. First time I was in the woods with like 5 other people and we had some grape ape, the dankest weed I've ever gotten to this day. I didn't get high though just felt kinda tired. It took me 3 more times to actually get high for the first time and I felt like I was in a cartoon haha
  5. I did a couple of falls at a buddy's house. I kept repeating "Dude I'm so high" to the point where he started throwing shit at me.

    Good times...:smoke:
  6. round the back of the school at about 14,hated it and made me feel sick.

    didn't smoke again till i was about 17, and have hardly missed a day in the 14 years that followed :p
  7. My first time was pretty good. I don't know if I actually felt anything because I drank about a Mickey of captains and 6 beers. But I had two bucket tokes and was gone.
  8. Cried in front of target because I was too afraid to get on the city bus to go to the mall.

    Friend convinced me there was a prize waiting for me when we got there. Turned out to be him buying a hat.
  9. I was 14 in the back room while my parents were asleep. after watching my father for years i knew to take out a nug, cut it up with scisors and i rolled a shitty joint but it smoked. i remember noticing after a while i was in a different state of mind...

    I remember tiptoeing back to my room to go to sleep thinking i was making so much noise lol, id put one foot down then stand perfectly still for like 10 seconds, then another foot then another foot. That became my nightly routine
  10. Smoked right before a massive festival. Such a bad idea.
  11. [quote name='"GoldenGinge"']Smoked right before a massive festival. Such a bad idea.[/quote]

    Really? I would think it would've been enjoyable:p
  12. First time I did it I was 15 and my parents were away for the weekend. I was just like, why not try it. Anyway I smoked from an apple, and got completely ripped. Eventually I went down to my room, and when I sat down at the computer I just felt like I was on a roller coaster and my heartbeat was ridiculous. Eventually I fell off the chair and was on the ground thinking I was going to have a heart attack and was laughing about it. Good times :)
  13. first time was in a forest. 3 of my best buds at the time. Though 2 weeks prior before smoking the dank my grandma passed away. I smoked it and felt really sad, I just had to let it all out. So i talked about my grandma to my friend, and she felt bad for smoking me out and everything, but I felt all the tension come out of me after the talk. miss ya grandma
  14. My first time I was invited to my friends house. I was told we were gonna smoke and stuff, so I went to giant and bought some snacks (fudge covered oreos and reg. oreos.)
    When I showed up to her house, my bf was there, and that was pretty cool; we had only been going out for about a month or two I think. Anyway, we showed up and there were these two girls who I had never met before but heard their names around my other friends. They had lots of piercings on their faces and stretched ears and torn up band t-shirts; they were like HxC people I suppose if I had to best try and describe them solely on appearance. But yeah, we showed up, and I saw the cute spoon pipe the girl had (I had never seen one before this point) and we smoked out of that. They told me how to do it, and I did it right. It burned, so very badly in my throat. . . I had asthma until I was like 15 before I grew out of it, but at the moment I took a hit I felt I needed my inhaler. I had two more hits, then I was good. I felt really tired, and I wanted to go to sleep so badly. Apparently at this point I passed out, but I remember I just layed back onto the bed on purpose, and My friends just thought I passed out.. They tried to wake me up, and i swatted them away, then someone mentioned watching a movie. So we looked thru the available movie collection and found spirited away. Everyone agreed to that movie and we popped it in and watched. During the previews, another bowl was packed then passed around, and I took another hit. I took in small breaths now, but it was still so harsh on my throat. Someone got us all water from the kitchen and then they noticed the snacks in the corner. I told them I bought them for us, and everyone was delighted. And to be honest, I completely forgot I bought them for a moment..

    Although these people were fucking animals and I was so enticed by the movie while high, that by the time my attention went to the fudge covered oreos they were all gone :( I was okay with regular double stuft though.

    Overall the experience was nice :)

    So yeah, we watched movies and smoked
  15. My first time was at a party. I got really drunk before hand and smoked out of a monkey sippy cup lol. I got so ripped that I don't remember much of what happened. Good time: )

  16. Not like music festival I mean like carnival. It was actually bonfire night I think.

    Na I just pulled a whitey and it got bucky ha
  17. It was a while ago now actually, maybe two years ago now.

    Went to my mate's house who was notorious around school for being a bit of a drug fiend, didn't think much of it because I was deadset against any sort of drug, I barely even drank then. I also had a football game later so I was in my full kit, shinnies and all.

    So there's a few of us sitting in the garden when the guy rolls a joint, it goes round a few times then they're like "Have a bit", so I did. Got pretty blazed off a few tokes, went to my game and actually played pretty well, got a nice goal which won us the game!

    Didn't get properly stoned until about a year later though (I took a long long break from burning after the first time) when I smoked literally about 3/4g to myself with a few of my buddies and everything was slow-mo and shit. Love the ganja!
  18. I was with my girlfriend, we were together for about a year at the point. She would not put out at all until then because she was "so afraid i'd break up with her" after I got it. I was thinking yeah right you're beautiful I'm gonna stick around for it lol. Anyways it sucked. I had to use a condom and it took so long to get it in and had to go so slow so it didn't even feel good for me, it hurt the fuck out of her.

    Eventually I was just like fuck this and sucked her clit but she had me stop her vagina hurt so bad, then I got a blowjob for literally 30 minutes, I couldn't cum, and I didn't cum. I think it was I was probably nervous and what not. It still felt great tho, my penis was like raw afterwords. After this, I got so many fucking blow jobs in the next previous weeks and months, the last 3 years of our relationship I was lucky if i got one twice a month she was so sick of it LMAO.

    I miss her, she was beautiful and cool but she turned into a royal cunt that I will bitch slap.
  19. They say you don't get high your first time.

    For me that was a LIE

    So the first time I ever smoked was in my room at like 11 on a school night with one light on, right near a window with a fan on. I was 14 and my friend sold me 2 grams of reggie. Bad shit. I'd made a homemade pipe, and used to smoke cigs (don't anymore, they're a terrible curse on society) so I could take really big hits. I had expected not to get high since it was my first time, so I just took like 3 or 4 hits. My main concern was the smell.

    So as I was cleaning up and putting stuff away and getting rid of the smell, I walked into my bathroom and forgot the very reason I was standing there. I walked out and thought hard about it, why was I there. Then I noticed I felt loopy and light, like shit wasn't real. And then I stopped, and asked, am I dreaming? Shit, IM HIGH! I wasn't expecting it to happen so I panicked a little bit, but then just chilled, threw on some music, watched some videos, and had a hell of a good time. Now I smoke good headies and love me my mary jane! :smoking:
  20. Ah, my first time. I remember it like it was yesterday. Cue dreamy music...

    Anyways, I was 12 and my boys Grant and Tyler (fake names) picked up a few grams of this nasty, dirty fucking weed. Absolute trash. But we were young and stupid so we didn't know any better. So they invite me over and we go to Grant's basement, just me, Grant, Tyler, and Grant's older bro, and we lock ourselves in this medium sized closet, and then proceed to duct tape all of the cracks in the door shut to get a hot box-type thing going.

    At this point we decided to smoke out of this homemade candy cane bong (like a Christmas decoration) that we stole from someone's yard earlier. We fill it with soda and make a tin foil bowl, you know, the usual stupid kid shit. We pack the bowl, which was actually pretty large, with all the bud we can fit and they begin to hit the shit, pass, hit it, pass, etc. It finally gets to me and I'm excited as hell. I take one decent sized hit, inhale with all my strength, and I blow it out. We continue to pass it around for the next few minutes until we're out of weed.

    So it's a few minutes later and I'm like, "Ok man, when is this shit gonna hit m- Oh shit I fucking feel it!" And I'm absolutely blowed. We left the closet at that point, and I can still remember just chilling on his bed all night, listening to Tech N9ne and destroying PB&J sandwiches like I was a damn Ethiopian child.

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