how was your first time tokin?

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokeTwoJointz, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. sup GC, its been a while since ive been on, but ive been hearing that ppl vomit and shit on their first time. didnt know how that happens, but how was ur first time? just wondering.
  2. My two friends convinced me to smoke a blunt of dro with them and the kept blowing me shotguns and having me hit it until there was nothing at all left (I smoked like 90% of it).

    Then, he had to leave his parents to go back to the place he was staying so then I ate some hot dogs with my friends dad and watched some NASCAR with him until my ride got there like 2 hours later. Damn fun time indeed.
  3. bump i wanna know
  4. i was in 5th grade my homie had me behind my house smokin outta a cokeacola can lol...fuckin awesome times..then we watches a icp music video it was so trippy i got so high the first time i toked who ever says they dont get high the first time are lying i think
  5. My friend was convinced that blunt would be good for a first timer. How wrong he was.
    Choked. "Pulled a Whitey". Freaked out. Wanted it to stop.

    Fun times indeed.
  6. Pretty ordinary, considering my dumb ass never figured out until like the fourth time friends offered to smoke me out that maybe I should try inhaling it if I wanted something to happen.. :rolleyes:

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