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how was your first experience pulling a whitey?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LaurenJadee, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Lets face it... we've all probably pulled a whitey some point in our smoking lives.

    Iv only ever had a panic attack twice in the 2 years iv been smoking. today, we went down this random street and smoked a joint. Id only had about 4 hits, everything was great, then all of a sudden i started to black out. I went white, couldnt stop shaking, couldnt move, couldnt speak, when i looked up i started to feel sick, then started throwing up. My mates were telling me to move, but i physically couldnt answer them or move. It was pretty damn horrible:(
    I managed to walk to the nearest park where i just curled up in a ball and waited for it to pass. Then there was people i knew laughing at me, and it was pretty crappy. haha i hope that never happens again.
    So what are your stories of pulling whiteys?:smoke:
  2. Whitey? Never heard it called that...No matter, I've never experienced this.

    And trust me, I've tried really, really hard.:cool:
  3. Never happened to me, I know not to smoke too much.

    Moderation Moderation Moderation.
  4. >le vaporizer arrives in post
    >rip open box and plug in
    >fucking fat bowl
    >breathe in, MILKY vapor rip
    >5 mins later, i feel nice :)
    >10 mins later my smile started to fade
    >leg twitches, arm twitches
    >whole body is almost convulsing and my heart is beating rapidly
    >tell myself to wait it out, lasts 20 mins, almost threw up
  5. your lucky. I usually smoke more than this, and id only had a little bit today and BOOM. Not my proudest moment.:mad:
  6. i usually get more calm if anything.....but one time i had a panic attack infront of the cops went into a siezure and had to go to the hospital
  7. 4chan aside, i love the way the ">"'s organize a story. it's reminiscent of the language of Grapes of Wrath's intercalary chapters (ie, used car salesmen) modernized in the computer age.

    i love vaping.
  8. once. I almost threw up and just laid down on my bathroom floor for about 10 minutes till it passed. I think it was more from dehydration than anything though
  9. i only got a headache smoking mids why i only smoke heads and i never get sick
  10. Second time I ever smoked was in a dark room and I was pretty drunk. Best friend packed me a solo bowl, I smoked it, said I didn't feel anything. Repeat that til I finish the third bowl...

    Wake up 5 hours later on his couch with my head hanging in a trash can.

  11. Sounds like this is why weed is illegal. :D
  12. [quote name='"Forked Up"']

    Sounds like this is why weed is illegal. :D[/quote]

    Marijuana actually helps with seizures.
  13. I've never pulled a "whitey."

    I had friends that knew not to let me smoke too much when I first started, nowadays it wouldn't happen if I tried my damnedest.

  14. Thats exactly what it was like when my friend got his vape, except without the greening out. Ive only had that happen once and that was way back in the day when i was a newb.

  15. What is this garbage?
  16. Yeah I did it a few years ago when I started to smoke it more.
    Everything was fine and it kind of just hit me and I felt really dizzy!
    I managed to get to the bathroom and was sick in the toilet and pretty much monged out in my bathroom.
    Thankfully thats the only time it happened to my memory.
    Friends of mine have had them aswel and from what they said it was similar to my experience.

  17. Sir. This is not 4chan. Greentext.

    It does organize the story well, though.

    I've tried to pull a 'whitey', but it never works.
  18. Never pulled a 'whitey' but I really like that term lol.

    Closest I've ever come to being overwhelmed by weed was once for some reason when I took a huge hit I had to just sit back for a minute or two and process, my brain was doing back-flips. It felt great though.

    I try not to smoke it areas that will make me feel sketched out, that seems to prevent all instances of 'white-ing out.'
  19. #19 420rowdyguy, Mar 19, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 20, 2012
    pulling a whitey sounds soo goddamn dumb....

    no offense OP

    but its called greening out... we aint snortin coke my friend..

  20. Lol. Greening out is the term I usually use. For some reason, 'whitey' sounds somewhat like a sexual term.

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