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How was ur valentines day?¿

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Xaijiqq, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. mine started out like any good story book u could imagine. I cashed my '2' paychecks all seemed good. then my next task was to get grass., that transaction went smoothly (even got a lil extra out the deal, minus the match a bowl session that isn't uncommon out of purchasing some, depending on the who/what situation.)

    but anyways i ran into an old enemy of mine there., use to be good friends, but seeings how i refused to respond to his phone messages, he wasn't too thrilled. he shoved me a few times and called me 'bitch'. now i did nothing yet., i thought he was being sarcastic, cause he has done this before, but when i was walking out the door, which was short after, he then replied "see ya later faggot", then i had, hadd enough!

    Long story short we were almost at each others throats, but the friend living there, thankfully , calmed things down., but then i had to go to work, ., originally suppose to get out at 11pm, but got out at 3:30am.,

    needless to say my friday suucked ass up until i got home,, i had some rum stashed away and i had that freshly nice 8ther, so actually it was

    in fact a happy ending :smoking:
  2. See, things work out and in the end happiness is achieved! :)

    I had a good day with all the normal sweetness that comes along with the hype of Valentine's Day. No matter how much I say I hate the hype, I end up with the hype without any escape from it. Cupid prevailed on his holy day, yet again! One day, I'm going to shoot him down with my bow and arrow and see how he likes that!!! ;)

    I hope everyone had a great day and that today is even better!
  3. I hung out with an old friend of mine and we stayed up all night catching up (he was in jail for weed for about a year and a half) it was very cool...but I was sooo tired this morning
  4. lets see it was awsome i got amazing weed for the first time in months and a hookup for the first time ever so it was a great day
  5. from what I remeber, ah hell, I dont remember..but the bartender was all about sharing the love .,..
    ...,and tequilla
  6. i had alot of fun today., good weekend :p

    my eye lids r so heavy right now., a combo. of being high/alcohol, but i went out had fun with friends,.

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