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How was marijuana first discovered

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Herbalist90, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Im stoned as fuck, first time using a gbong, and im wondering, how was the magical mary first discovered?:wave::hello::smoke:
  2. I don't think anyone can be sure.

    It most likely been around for millions of years, as it is a plant and was put here on Earth by God! (Or whoever/whatever you wish to believe)

    Don't think we'll have any documented reports of the first time people got high, but that's only because they were too stoned to figure out how to write down things! :smoke:

    :bongin: in the 40's BCE! Woot!
  3. imagine the dinosaurs baked oh shit im stoned
  4. Aliens. They put it here and introduced it to cavemen or Columbus.. Im not sure which.
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    Its origins are traced to Asia
  6. ^Yeah, I think it originated/was first discovered in the great continent of Asia. Don't quote me on it though.
  7. No I think you're right because it grows naturally in Asia,east Asia I think
  8. First people that got high were the huns and other nomadic tribes the would have bonfires with the cannabis plant inside tents
  9. Imagine smoking that old dusty bud, i imagine you would be visited by the shamen, or atleast feel connected with ancient history.
  10. He used a ROOR...
  11. Ha, I just see a scientist sifting through this weed, telling his assistant "go get me a pair of left handed tweezers" looking for seeds too take home....
  12. It was so long ago, it exceeds record history.

    There has been evidence that the Egyptians did enjoy marijuana themselves, as a mummy was found with a joint that was thousands of years old.
    Must have been a good roll. Lol
  13. lol interesting question. watch a couple documentary's and do some research on the sweet leaf, im sure you'll find out alot
  14. Shit's been around forever who knows, there are multiple places it grows naturally
  15. Jesus floated down and gave a seed to some guy and that's how it started.
  16. If youre going to do research, look for the first appearence if hemp not nugs. But fuck research im too drunk
  17. mate the neanderthals used to smoke it :)
  18. the ancient amazonians smoked the shit out of it through their wooden pipes and drank their ayahuasca and fucking exploded into a million pieces and dissolved in the universe and came back as energy

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