How Underpowered am I?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by thefr3shone, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I started my first grow with four plants under a 400w HPS but of course lost 50% to being male and was left with only two plants, realizing that this was not taking complete advantage of my bulb I decided that next time I would start with more plants in hopes to end up with more females...So I then purchased light fixtures and CFL 6500k daylight bulbs equaling about 200watts (not the equi, actual wattage). I started eight plants under these lights while I have my other first two starting their flowering :)

    My real question is am I dramatically underpowered for vegging these 8 small plants under the CFLs? I'm not planning on vegging any monsters just getting them to the point where I can sex them and get them under the 400w flowering light.
  2. Ideally you would want 100watt/plant.
  3. I don't know about the 100w per plant, but you are a lil underpowered. I guess it depends on your method. You said you're only vegging under these little lights. that's good. You said that you're not trying to make monsters under them. lol. that's good too. How big do you want them to get before you throw them under the HPS?
  4. I would like to get them under the 400w maybe around 6-8 inches tall? I am still very new to growing in general but I know that they will still grow after I switch them to the other light. Is it possible to get 8 plants to this height using this light set up? Or should I maybe just take two out now?
  5. if they fit comfotably under them you will be fine for a little while. it will also help keep them smaller while your other plants finish flowering. right now i have 12 plants vegging under ~150w. they are only about a week in from clone and ill prob have to add another bulb or two soon but like you my goal is only to get them around 6-8" before i put them into flower

    this much light will cause them to grow a little slower but the way my room is setup the light is really evenly distributed over the canopy and i dont really need more until they get bigger.

    the more the marrier but until the light seems like its not getting to all of them you wont really need to add more
  6. They should be fine if you are keeping them small. My veggy area is packed at the moment, some of my bigger veggys started to look a little weak under my envirolights but they are fine now they are in my flowering tent.

    Good luck
  7. I agree. that should be fine for that many small plants. Its all good in the hood.

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