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Discussion in 'General' started by YngwieViking, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. I just got my bowl, and I dont know how to use it.


    Can someone tell me?

    Its something like this [​IMG]
  2. there should be a minimum of two yholes...the mouthpiece is at the skinny put your mouth to that hole...the bowl is the indented half circle with a hole in it which is in the bulbous end..yo put your herb in that hole.....there may only be those two that case, just light the bowl and inhale...if theres a third hole then you're piece has a carb, you hold your finger ovethis hoel as you suck in so the smoke has nowhere to go but out your mouthpiece and into your lungs...when you'rwe finished taking your hit, keep sucking and let go of the carb, the smoke thats still inside the pipe will come rushing out......
  3. Ok so I just light from up top?
  4. Yep, light as your inhaling. Dont worry youl be a pro piper in no time! :)
  5. Smoke out of now.... but its gonna suck come to the end and it wont last as long with out a screen... Pull the screen out your Bath room Sink and put in there and fix that.....

    I mean the Smoking session wont last as lOng as with out one....
  6. Just don't burn your fingers like I did my first time smoking on my own. Took me a while to master the "hold-the-lighter-sideways-so-it-doesn't-give-you-2nd-degree-burns" technique.
  7. that hole actually looks small enough to not need a screen, if you put buds into the bowl then it shouldnt go down the hole, juts make sure its not ground up other wise you will need a screen. I remember the first time trying to figure out a pipe, quite confusing, we had to call my friends dad as he smoked, so he then told us how to do it over the phone. Good Luck.

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