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How to Yield more

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by BLunTFuLLOfBuD, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Sooo my friend just harvested an indoor grow with 6 plants and only got 115 grams of dry bud. All seeds from attitude. He grew in 5 gallon buckets from homedepot with fox farm soil. Vegged with fluroscent lights from HTG and added some cfls. Than flowered with 600 Watt MH/HPS bulb , balast, and reflector. Used all of the fox farm nutrients and even the foxfarm flowering nutrients and used cal mag and mollases during flowering. Watered with 1 gallon every 3 days for veg between all the plants and every other day during flowering. Also had exhaust hooked up to a carbon filter and two fans in the grow room for circulation. Vegged for 2 months and flowered for 10 weeks. The bud turned out pretty dank but he was dissapointed by the yield. So can any veteran growers give me any tips or point out anything he should change? if you have any questions for me let me know? anyways to increase yield. I will appreciate any help. THANKS!!!!!
  2. Wow 5 gallon buckets, surprised by the yield as well. Was it in a tent? If not then grow in a tent or fully sealed area. Use clean filtered water, and try a growing method. LST, SCROG, etc.

    It's still not that bad, he averaged over a half ounce off each plant.
  3. I'd be interested in the pH / EC parameters of your water and your run-off.
    Also - did you rinse the soil out at all during the grow?
  4. yea i flushed for like 3 weeks. the nugs arent thhat dense.
  5. Any pics of plants? While in veg or flower...? So we can see any kind of deficiencies?? what were the temps?
  6. i thought you said this was "your friends' last grow"?....
  7. does it really matter man. The plants looked pretty healthy all the way through but i never checked the temp so that could be a problem. all the nugs are pretty fluffy.
  8. nah, it doesnt matter at all bro, just messin withya
  9. what nutes/additives did you use?
  10. fluffier nugs = higher temps in the grow area, from what ive been told. were you using distilled water? and ya i agree you should use a scrog or lst method, it does wonders.
  11. u should have watered more
  12. Brother you must understand after strain and genetics of the seeds, the environment within your growing area is the most important factor commonly overlooked by the novice. Get you room as close to 76 as possible. Go buy a humidity/temp thingy from walmart and make sure your temps stay within 76-82 and humidity 60 for growth and 4o for flower. They must stay in a 10 degree or so range as well. if your room is 60 at night and 85 during the day=very bad. same with humidity, minimal fluctuation. the fluffy bud syndrome is prob the heat. I would bet on the heat. Also even though temp and humidity are important they mean little without air ventilation and circulation, you should feel a slight negaitive pressure when opening door to room. you want to pull twice as much exhaust as intake air as well. rambling...
  13. Half ounce per plant isn't bad???? I'm pissed if i don't get 8oz per plant.
  14. I will be precise.To yield more you need to:

    -Amount of water
    -Amount of light
    -Do LST/FIm/Toping/Super cropping

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