How to yield 1 oz per plant?

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  1. Hello GC, I've been planning a grow for some time. I have acquired a grow tent, here are the dimensions: 24" x 24" x 46" (length x width x height) so it's roughly 3 ft 10 inches tall and 2 ft wide. Here some pics


    So I want to be able to pull off a 1.5 oz - 2 oz harvest, do you guys think it would be possible? I am very intrigued by the method of doing 12/12 lighting from seed. I will be using a 250 mh light and a 250 hps light. If I 12/12 from seed ill only need the hps light right? Can I get an oz per plant if I 12/12 from seed? If not how long must I veg to get an oz per plant? Should I do 1 big plant, or a few small plants in this tent? This is my first grow guys so please any help would be appreciated.
  2. It's definitely possible. But conditions would have to be ideal. I highly doubt you will reach that kind of yield without vegging for at least a couple weeks. It's going to be tough either way, you just have limited space. Realistically you could expect between 1 to 1.5oz. With that space, i would grow one plant and lst the shit out of it. i'd go up to a 3 gallon pot, bend and tie and take up as much horizontal space as possible then flip to 12/12. Research some lst techniques. You don't have much vertical space to play with so training would be a must if you want a decent harvest.
  3. i think you are focusing too much on yield already.

    too many factors play a part on this to try and say you will get 2 oz your first time

    not saying you wont not saying you will but its beyond do able with a 250w

    but here is the question how do you plan to cool a 250w in that space?

    what do you plan to use as growing medium?

    what strains do you plan to grow?

    my biggest concern with that tent is cooling a light that hot in that small of a space

    lmk, more than willing to help ya get the first grow up and going!
  4. i completely agree with you on lst to use the space he has.

    low stress training makes growing almost anywhere possible lol

    i normally fim mine at 4th node in smaller grow spaces and begin to train all the tops down as the grow out making a level wide short canopy

    as well as not starting seeds on 12/12

    id only suggest starting on 12/12 with SoG and all clones
  5. Gnomo Auto or White Widow Auto - 250W Red CFL and you'll get 30g+ with LST.
  6. Thevines2 thanks for the advice, you seem very knowledgable about the topic and I was wondering if you could answer a few more questions, and also my growing medium is soil, along with veg & flower nutrients 1.) you say cooling the light would be an issue, how do I go about cooling it in this space? The exhaust is a little hole on the top that I will mount a fan to and have a carbon scrubber.
    2.) I want to grow some grandaddy purp or some indica strain because of the shorter flowering period, maybe when I have a decent stash to hold me over ill try a sativa strain but for first grow grandaddy purp. So my goal is to shoot for 1.5 oz's. 1 plant would get me 1.5 oz's in a 3 gallon pot, or no? I at least want to harvest enough bud to smoke regularly everyday until next harvest. So if I veg for say 3 weeks, how much yield should I expect?
  7. Good advice
  8. well you will need a decently strong fan to cool a 250w hps or mh in that space so you are aware.

    and i would def go indica dom for your space.

    and answer to yield to expect like i said before there are too many factors which effect that for me to tell you what to expect to yield.

    if your tent runs too hot you wont get a high yield
    soil ph is off and you get nute lock out it effects yield

    etc etc

    first thing i think you should focus mainly on is getting your grow area up and ready and figuring out exactly what you wanna do with it.

    you dont wanna start your grow and realize you're running too hot temps etc etc

    i know its your first grow thats why im trying to save you some stress down the road and have you figure out your grow space first(if you dont figure it out properly ahead of time you can waste seeds,electricity, bulbs, soil, nutes on a shit yield or plants dying) haha been there done that.
  9. Thanks for the help again, but yeah I've done a majority of my research, keep ph between 6.5-7, keep temp at around 70-78 degrees, I plan to get a thermometer to measure incoming air temp, air in bottom of tent and air up top, temp of soil, I'm gonna have air circulation, with an oscillating fan blowing over the canopy in between the light and plant, the cooling fan, carbon scrubber, I'm just planning ahead because I have not moved into my new house yet so I can't grow yet, but I should be within the next few weeks, so far I know I'm gonna lst the plant, I wanna grow a purp strain, a indica Dom strain. I want to veg 3 weeks, top the plant and trim fan leaves that block buds from light, water it, give it Nutes, anything else I should know about how to maintain the plant?

  10. Just take it slow and be patient. First grows are trial and error a lot of the time. Seems like you've got the main idea, but don't over think it. You don't necessarily have to veg for 3 weeks. If you get a slow start because your pH is off or something, you may end up vegging longer. Conversely, they may take off like crazy and you only need to veg for 2 weeks. You have to know how to manage that space. It is going to be a challenge keeping your temps down in that kind of space, but doable. Sounds like you understand well enough. Also, don't assume you have to cut all your fan leaves if they block a top. I would avoid that at all costs, tuck your leaves under, or tie a branch down before you go cutting your fan leaves off. Those leaves are important and are more or less solar panels for your plant.

    The only thing i would trim are your smaller branches under the canopy that are wimpy and probably not going to produce anything but a wispy popcorn bud anyway.
  11. Thanks for the support, much appreciated, so now I want to know, if I use the right Nutes, keep temps good, good ph in soil and water, blah blah, if I will have nice dank buds like what you buy on the street? When people grow mids how bad are the conditions?
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    best advice givin......i pulled 3oz's off a sativa...LST'd in 3gal pots...w/4wkveg...the thread is still probably on here..there it is...have a look at how its done bro!!!
  13. Buddogmutt your plant looked very impressive, so I'm wondering, you lst that plant, do I tie down every branch? Do I tie it down so it's perfectly horizontal 90 degree angle?
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    in this'll find pics of that grow of mine...more of a time line and really shows how and when i started....

    the 4th post of mine are the pics to reference!....all are date stamped to give you an idea of the growth rate under optimum conditions
  15. you bend the main stem at a 90' angle...
    once the main top reaches the pot rim
    grow that main in a circle around the top of the rim, anchoring down new limbs..
    once the circle around the top of the pots rim is complete,flip 12/12
  16. Ok so basically I bend down branches until I have them in a circle around the pot and then switch to 12/12, if I do this what do you think my minimum - maximum yields would be, I know there's a lot of variables that equate to your yeild but what's your minimum-maximum yeild guess? Thanks for the help once again, I'm pretty confident I can grow a nice batch of dank my first time, it seems to be pretty simple.
  17. 2-3x your strains normal estimated yield...
  18. like i said....i got 3oz's per...give or take a few g's...that run had 18-19 plants...
  19. Ok so, please tell me in your opinion, how much could I yeild with 1 big plant, 3 gallon pot? Or would I be better off with more small plants? Which would harvest more? Lst to the max, and make it very wide and bushy, how much would I yeild? Maximum-minimum?
  20. Lol I'm super stoned off some blue cheese, I think I found my growing strain:) this blue cheese is dank stuff

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