How to work out lighting?

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  1. Ok.. so I've built a secret room... its 5m x 5m.. so 25sqm in total.. or 225sq ft

    At first I'm not going to use the whole room.. just 3 6x2ft trays so a total of 36sqft of grow trays

    The walls will have reflective mylar, ceilings are white reflective... the question is this... Do I work out the lighting on the room size or the grow size? if its room size I'm in trouble as I've been told to work on 50w per sq ft however I will be using LED lights

    225 sq ft x 50watt = 11kw of lighting !!!
    36 sq ft x 50watt = 1.8kw..

    Help !!!
  2. that applies to LED as well. you have the right idea. look into LED strips or quantum boards for some really good bang for your buck. you do that math for grow size. plan your plants sizes. if theyre going to be tall, may need side lighting. if its just a scrog, youll do fine with overhead lighting only
  3. Hey thanks.. but do I work on room size or grow size?
  4. Canopy square footage only.
  5. Thank god !!! What's a scrog ??? I have about 8ft ceiling height.. and room to expand the grow. Would point out this is my first attempt.. But I do have help.
    Working with known quality cuttings.. and using the ebb and flow system
  6. Screen of green. It is too keep your canopy even for better yields and even light penetration. Look it up on google for a tek before committing to it
    images (2).jpg scrog-1.jpg
  7. Why run the lights that high?

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  8. Not my garden, jut example of a scrog in a commercial set up.

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