How to wire multiple 26w CFLs

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Happy Trailz, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm running a 400 watt MH/HPS but I'm adding in CFL's for supplemental lighting. I plan on adding 10 lights extra or 5 2700k and 5 4100k.

    How would I wire these lights using an extension cord?
    Where do I get the sockets? I was in lowes and couldn't find any.
    Can I run an extension cord and attach 3 sockets and then dual split those 3 sockets and run 6 26 watts CFL's without running the risk of fire? Or; how many 26 watt lights can I fit on a 120v extension cord? How hot do these run? If I cannot run these on an extension cord, where would I get the 120v plug-socket adapters for cheap?

    I have two ways to go:
    1. I can buy 2 extension cords and hook up 5 26 watts to each (Plus room for an extra 2 lights depending on the cycle). I would need to know how to wire and some wire to socket adapters plus some dual light splitters.
    2. I can buy some surge protectors and run socket-light with dual splitters on those.

    I'd prefer option 1 as more flexibility is needed as this is a rectangular grow room.
    Dimensions of room: 2'x6'x8'

    Thanks, answer all or none. Any and all f/b is appreciated.

  2. Once you buy the y splitters and outlet to light socket converters you will realize that they will take up too much space unlike the ideas you have dreamed up in your head. I had the same plan and then tried to plug those sockets next to each other and either the sockets wouldn't fit because they were covering up space for other outlets or the light bulbs get in the way... take this into careful consideration.

    I took the back part of a power surge protecter off and plugged in the lights on opposite sides of the power strip and that seems to be doing alright, if you dont get what I mean you can check my grow in the organic journals . Just takes a screwdriver, good luck!
  3. Seems like buying a T5 would save you a lot of trouble :)
  4. T5's suck, the end.

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