How to wire computer fan?

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  1. I know this may be a noob question, but how do I wire a computer fan so I can plug it into a 12v wall plug in?
  2. you know those wall chargers?

    find one that's rated 12v or close to 12v

    if you dont need that wall charger for anything, strip the wires and link them to the computer fan.

    if you want to keep the wall adapter functional, find two wires and strip both ends.

    stick the metal into the center part of the plug for the wall charger ( the plug that plugs into the electrical device )

    wrap the metal of your SECOND wire around the metal of the wall charger.

    that will give you your 12v +/- to wire to your fan.
  3. sounds simple, thanks man! I'll try to wire one up soon.
  4. also you can even use cell phone chargers i know the fans are rated at 12v but they still move air at 5v

  5. great idea man, i'm going to try that out

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