How to wire an led pc fan to ac dc adapter.

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  1. Hey ther I got this 120mm led pc fan, and a 12v ac dc adapter. It's confusing because there's 3 wires on the fan ( I'm assuming positive,negative,and the led wire too?) and only 2 on the adapter. But I need help with this so if youve delt with this before, help would be much appreciated.


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  2. You cant hurt anything, hook up any two that work and ignore the 3rd wire.
  3. Im gonna say It's a shared neutral with positive wire one for fan motor one for led...
  4. If you had some crimps you could pop those on and get a nice connection.  Black to black, Stripped wire to red, wire nuts and electrical tape work well too. Make sure the pc fan has the same amperage rating as the adapter otherwise it can burn out the fan. Definitely snip down the bare wire so it's about half the length you have it in the pics, you do not need that much exposed.
  5. hey guys, i left the white wire out and just switched the wiring around a little and she's working.
  6. All you need is the red and black wire.. Convert you a PC power supply. You can run as many fans as you want with a on off switch ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415102481.185439.jpg

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