How to water my 5 gallon fabric pot

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  1. Hello all
    My princess are 14 days old veg time.
    I transfer them yesterday to 5 Gallon fabric pot
    But now i dont know how much i need to water them, the pot is really big but they're small inside.
    Can you give me some tips how to water the plants that will be successful?

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  2. Pick them up, if they’re light, water. If they’re heavy don’t water.
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  3. ^^It sounds like it's too simple, but it IS that simple.

    Periodically, if you notice your soil becoming a giant, dried out cake, you can add yucca extract to your water. It acts as a wetting agent, and it helps water retention in dried out soil. When you do this, water deeply, across the entire container or soak the container in the solution for a minute or two.
  4. I agree with the above posts but right now they are still small for their container so only water the plants surrounding area and increase with every watering, and eventually after a few waterings, you should be watering the whole pot.
    Just my .02
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  5. Yesterday my plants was on 1 gallon pot and i watered them 1.5L and it was pretty ok.
    Now when they're on 5 gallon pot its still the same size plants like before that drink 1.5L so i don't know how to make the changes
  6. Feel the weight of the pot and plant. Heavy = don’t water
    Light = water
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  7. Don’t measure the water you use. Amount needed changes .

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