How To Waste As Little As Possible With A Pipe

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  1. Let's say you have it ready and in your mouth. Light the weed a bit and inhale. and when you stop inhaling and open the carb. Could you put your thumb over the bowl to kill the fire and therefore save you from the problem joint smokers have.
  2. or just breathe in real slow, until it stops smoking
  3. Pointless thread lol
  4. Yea, what this guy said.
    You could do this also. I use both methods, sometimes the cherry is too hot to put my finger over the bowl so I use the other method. :smoke:

    Pointless post lol...
  5. Just take like 10 snaps instead of a bowl or 2
  6. you can lay your lighter over the bowl to suffocate it also.
  7. I put the part before my thumb, near my palm.

  8. I have a bowl that has a flip lid that goes over the top and it puts the ember out immediatly and works great, i wouldn't do it with your thumb though you will get big resin stains :p
  9. That sounds dank whered u get it?
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    This. Aside from the hemp wick wrapped around it, the easiest way to spot my lighters is to look for the ones with melted plastic wrapping!
  11. I usually cap my bowl with a nickel or quarter. Depends on the bowl size, but I've been using U.S. currency for years. If you see a nickel or quarter with weed resin on it, it was probably me!

  12. I agree with your method as I do the same thing, but with that being said I doubt that all currency with resin on it came from you or myself ;)
  13. It came from me. Ive probably used 1000 different quarters. :smoke:
  14. Damn! That's $250...I'm stoned
  15. yeah you can i have been putting out my bowls after small hits for years.....but when i want to rip it i will just rip the whole pipe in 1 hit.

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