How to view posts I made from my profile

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  1. Okay, so I have made a post in the sick plant section and I am trying to go back and look at it without going through the pages. Asides from search how can I find my post while logged in? I've gone to my profile while using the full site version and clicked on My Content and it says there is nothing to show. I switched the filter from recent activity to title etc etc but they all have nothing to show. I know there must be an easier way to see the posts I've made besides going through the tabs. Thanks for reading and any help
  2. I'm gonna need a helpful member to chime in on this, as my options are a lot different than those available to normal members...
  3. left menu.... Posts.  6th option down.   It defaults at Overview :bongin:
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    it shows your most recent 5 posts.  
    oh but if you use the FOURTH option down...   recent activity.  That shows alot moar.  Oh but thats not your posts though. 
  5. Have you tried selecting one of these options from the "MY CONTENT" page??
  6. there you go.   Thats way better.
    Thanks for the arrows too.
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    That's what I was wondering, whether you people had that option... :cool:
    Thanks goldmine and <span><span>llllllllll</span></span>, appreciate it... :)
  8. this is great; a wall of my posts that i can scroll down
    i wonder why it jumps from today to Jan 24....
    Sometimes we have problems with that function...unfortunately...
    Seems to be doing that for me too...
    I'll see if I can tech to look into it...:)
  10. This is the one """DRAG""" with gc, trying to figure all that above out,
    often its easier to use the gurgle machine with gc in the search bar along with your query
    I've often suspected that the mods may well have a different view of things here than the average Joe .....
    just like in 'real' life

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