How to ventatlate a bed room? No Holes in the wall!

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  1. I'm going to be using a small room for my area, maybe a bedroom or a bathroom or something like that. I won't be able to rip anything apart or anything like that for ventatlation... what can I do? Is it possible to somehow use windows even though they would have to be covered to block light? Any ideas?
  2. Make a light trap for your window.
    Open the door and have fans circulating air inside.
  3. I remember seeing a video on youtube a long while back where they did a grow room design (guy had kenny G hair i think) and they did a whole window light proof design, went as far as having a little air freshener auto spray when door was opened.

    Found it...
    [ame=]YouTube - How to Build a Marijuana Grow Room - Weed Growing Guide Part 1 - Indoor Weed Growing Tips[/ame]

    Check that out see if it works. And if you don't mind take a picture or two and post it in my ventilation FAQ.
  4. Sounds easy enough. Thanks for answering. One last question though, if a tiny bit of light were to come into the room through the open door, say a hallway light or somehting like that, will it affect the plants greatly? I figure that if it goes from a 1000 watt light to the leaset amount of light that I can let in through the door, it should still be sufficient for flowering right? I mean.. they have to get moon light if they were outdoors right? Would it be the same concept as that you think?

  5. You plants will grow regardless. Although the small amount of light is unneeded stress. Since you're using a whole room it sounds like a pretty extensive set up, so it's in your interest to build a light trap or something of the sort in the video above ^.
  6. Light leaks = hermies when they are under 12/12
  7. too bad the video isnt up anymore
  8. Nice work, mpluse. +rep
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    IN weak strains hermies can happen for sure. Constant light leaks can also cause problems but I think the OP was talking about if he opened the door and light entered the room momentarily will it be a problem, and the answer is no (unless you're growing a very sensitive strain).

    Ugh, just looked at the dates on this thread.......
  10. I've been reading through the the stickies, following the information and now I'm here, but no video and I'm really interested to see what they've done to vent out a bedroom.
  11. A portable air conditioner window kit
  12. Not always. Depends on how bad the light leaks are. If the plant isn't receiving direct light from a strong enough light source from the leak chances are it will be fine. 1 of my tents is pretty raggoty with lots of light leaks in a room we use often, no problems ever. The leaks are not providing a stong enough light source from weak household lighting to hermie the plant but boy does it leak
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    This is what I did. I made a little tower of milk crates by zip tying them together. I then added my inline fans witch I housed inside of 5 gallon buckets. I wrapped the fans and venting in foam and stuffed them into the buckets Wich have the bottoms cut out. I also drilled half inch holes in the buckets 2 right beside each other on either side. I fed zip ties through these so I could attach the buckets to the milk crates and they won't fall out. Here's picks of my work.


    Oh and when I close the door with the lights out it's pitch black. No leaks.
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  14. Not an option for me..
  15. It's n old link that's the problem.

    I like what you did, Very handy.
    So your venting into yor flat? are they two exhausts or you exhaust and bring in from that?

    I'm making do atm but it's far from ideal.
  16. There's a exaust witch is the upper vent and the intake is the lower line

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