How to Vent a Basement with a 1000watter and 1 window to work with?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by -DoPeMan-, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. Well, before i get everything set up for my grow - i am worried about venting my basement - IS there ANYTHING i can do with a Dryer Vent? What tools do i need to get?

    its a decent sized basement
  2. well first calculate the cubic feet of the basement. I'm not sure how big your dryer vent is or what the deal is with it but I assume you can stick a fan over the opening. Fans list their CFM if you look at their specs. This is how many cubic feet of air it replaces in one minute. You dont need to match the CFM exactly to the CF of your basement because you dont need the air replaced every minute. If you dont have another opening like a window to get a proper intake/exhaust system going then you might have to use the door.

    Make absolutely sure that your exhaust has a carbon filter or some form of odor control over it.

    If your basement is really big you can setup a tent over your plants and lights and then just worry about venting that space.

    The reasons you need to vent are these:
    1. It's too hot because of the lights. Temp should be about 75-80 I *believe*.
    2. It's too humid. Humidity should be as low as possible ~20% or less.
    3. Your plants need CO2. This is the most important but easiest to solve. You dont need much ventilation if this is your only problem (though you do need some).
  3. You want to vent an entire basement through a dryer vent? No, not nearly enough.
  4. if its a good size basement you wont needs to worry much just put a fan in front of the window to bring in fresh air the size of the area will be fine for circulation, unless your growing TONS of plants
  5. didn't you say that you had one window to work with or where you just talking about the dryer vent? How cool is it there? Here it's already around 70 outside.. and I have a situation just like you with a 1000watter vegging some stuff in a shed.. I just use a 465 blower to suck air from a window I have into the shed and it works quite well, maintaining around 80 degrees. You could even bring the air in directly into the hood if it's aircooled or near it at least.. like homee said.. as long as your not lighting your basement up more than a 1000w, you should be fine with that window.. given it's a window ....

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