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How to use your high for good?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Daft Funk, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I want to be like Carl Sagan or something. Just get high and be super productive.

    Will reading lots of stuff and becoming smarter make my highs more awesome?
  2. Just smoke some billies and maybe smash a few goonies and youll be good to go
  3. smoke your weed, walk around your neighbourhood looking for cats in trees, if you spot any, save them, return to owner = local hero
  4. create a mother fucking time machine
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    Smoke. Dont get too stoned.
    When I write papers for my college courses, I get up in the morning and roll up a doobie. I hop in my car and smoke it on the way to the library or starbucks and when i get there, I go to work.

    Marijuana helps to make connections within the brain, often with words. Which is why we see so many artists, musicians, poets, and writers turn to it for inspiration.
  6. ^^^^This^^^^ is paramount to the whole discussion. If you smoke too much, you'll likely be too tired or distracted to do anything. However smoking just the right amount (and the right strain, dunno which ones are good for this still a newb at strains) will do wonders for productivity.

    I will smoke half a bowl then go clean the house. I use the other half of the bowl to sustain the high, taking a hit every half hour as I clean.

    I also smoke before I sit down to do anything creative. I'll leave my tape recorder on to capture my stoner rants, then draw ideas from them as I listen later.
  7. Thanks! I'm just worried ill forget what I think of. I get some pretty awesome ideas and always forget them.

  8. Start carrying around a notebook and pen.
  9. When I read the title I was thinking of fighting crime lol . Aha imagine that some guy high as balls tryin to fight off people all sluggish like

  10. everyone in the world has an iphone these days. no need for a notebook and pen. theres an app for that!

  11. An IPAD truly saves IDEAS.
  12. Support your local munchie industry by getting high a lot.
  13. I use my high for my own personal good.
    I create inspired recipes. I clean my place like a motherfucker, and I work out stoned as well. \
    That's good enough for me.

  14. Haha. I know and I have an Iphone too but it's not the same as actually getting it on paper and organizing things the way you want. At least not for me.
  15. What I do is always have a notebook and pens nearby if I'm toking alone. I've filled up two notebooks with business plans and such one of which has won an award in my Business Administration class. Also I sometimes find that I am more productive mentally the day after I toke as in I wait 24 hours after I smoke. That could just be me though.
  16. This^ Ipads and Iphones are too slow I often forget half way through and with notepads you can just scribble and you can decipher it later.
  17. [quote name='"htaran"']
    This^ Ipads and Iphones are too slow I often forget half way through and with notepads you can just scribble and you can decipher it later.[/quote]

    You must need a new ipad/iphone then man
  18. Haha nah I am just horrible at texting and I have lost my phone before and had the memory erased so I am kinda biased. That's my opinion though to me the notebook feels safer but then again I don't carry it with me everywhere like my phone so maybe if I have a really good idea ill use my phone and transfer it to my notebook.

    edit: typo
  19. I pee in ice cube trays then freeze them. I have two whole freezers full of ice cube pee trays. I don't know how it would help or be productive

    But when I pass my piss tests, you guys will be the ones looking up to me
  20. Wait if you get high then do this doesn't that mean all your pee is unclean? Or are you clean right now and doing this. Also this could end very badly if you have friends over or live with your parents.

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